Free Esay: Is Internet Addiction a Health Danger for Teenagers?

Published: 2018-01-09
Free Esay: Is Internet Addiction a Health Danger for Teenagers?
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The use of internet and other communication technologies cannot be separated from the teen's lives. Based on the recently concluded researches, about 93 % of teens have access to the internet, and the majority of this population is aged between 12-17-years-old. It is a common phenomenon that teens spend longer times on the internet as compared to adults. The availability of portable internet enabled gadgets have allowed teens to access the internet regardless of their physical locations thus causing the addiction. Internet addiction has proven to be a dangerous health threat for teenagers.

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Using the internet is fun and enjoyable, thus; most teens prefer sitting and surfing the net rather than engaging in physical activities. The vast population of obese teenagers is mainly as a result of the internet addiction. Many teens love eating junks, thus; they need to exercise their bodies to lose excess calories. However, this is almost impossible as they have replaced physical activities with the internet. The internet addicted teens are prone to blood pressure since they rarely engage in physical exercise (Stephens, 2015, p.1). Toxic substances such as salt and sugar need to be extracted from the body, however; without physical exercise, one cannot sweat and remove the substances from the bodies. Their accumulation may result in increased blood pressure and other health related problems. According to Science News’ research, in every ten teens that used the internet for longer periods; four of them had developed blood pressure. However, the average users were free of any health complications.

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