Marketing Essay Example: KFC Content Analysis

Published: 2022-09-05 20:20:52
Marketing Essay Example: KFC Content Analysis
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Kentucky Fried Chicken (KFC) is a re-known chicken product producing restaurant in the hospitality industry. The company began in the US by merely selling fried chicken that with time spread across the world and now it has several outlets in most parts of the world. To continue growth, it is important that KFC uses proper marketing strategies that will enable more consumers to be aware of their products and be able to join in the market. The following is one of the marketing posters that has been used by KFC to promote its products. Its viability depends on the content it can be able to display to the consumers based on various contexts like the consumer, business, internal and external settings.

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Customer context: KFC has been segmented into the customers that are lovers of chicken to all the lower, the middle and the upper-class individuals. The poster has tried to offer some of the options that can be found by the customers of the chicken products. The company has made so much effort in making awareness to the public. Using its various advertising platforms like media, the company is now globally known in most parts of many countries. Due to its level of products it offers, most of the customers have had a positive perception and attitude towards their products since they have taken one line of production and majored on it. This has made the more confident and reduced the associated risks of losses or even low market.

Business context: KFC has a powerful brand. From the poster, it is evident that it has a unique brand. This unique branding has been able to offer them competitive advantages to other chicken producing outlets like chicken Fila. The major strength it has is the quality of products it provides and the affordable pricing which has allowed it to have high levels of loyal customers that come back for their products. About the corporate social responsibility, KFC has been on the run to improve on the lives of the people in the society. Ranging from employment opportunities to varied forms of chicken products, these have helped in developing the communities in which they operate.

Internal context. Since it has been on the run from 1950, KFC has established a strong financial background that is related to the various outlets in more than 85 countries it is distributed to. KFC has a good organization identity that is derived from the quality of products it offers and the impact it makes on the society. It has strong values and morals that are built on a firm foundation, a key factor to its success.

External context. The critical stakeholder of KFC are the owners or the shareholders of the KFC Company. Others are the government, the local community, the customers and the employees. These are important in that the different form parts of the success of the KFC business. Without them, KFC will no longer be able to operate since they have various roles to play. For effective management and decision making, appropriate communications need to be made among all the stakeholders. This will allow the continued functionality of the business.


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