Learning Goals. Essay Example

Published: 2023-01-20
Learning Goals. Essay Example
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Statistics mainly is a subject that majorly deals with data collection, organization, analysis, interpreting, and presenting of this data in the form of graphs and other mathematical presentations. Hence it just involves taking samples of the population; it usually begins with an example or statistical fact in question. Therefore, statistics is a subject that gives students experience to be able to identify and interpret some mathematical events with the information gained from the classroom. The paper, therefore, will look at the overview of the statistics course basing on the challenges and the various aspects concerning this course.

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In the statistics course, there have been many challenges encountered in the day to day learning and collecting the statistical facts. One of the difficulties encountered in this course is the biasness of the data. One of the primary goals of statistics is to use statistical information in making significant decisions to improve operations in institutions. For some of the institutions, accessing some of this data was majorly a big challenge. That is most of the institutions tend to give data that only present the positive progress in the organization and try to hide on the negative side. Hence this gives a hard time to evaluate the organization in terms of the challenges that affect it, consuming a lot of time in turn.

Another challenge that is encountered in this course is that sometimes there is the inaccuracy of data in terms of measurement. Collecting data, for example relating to employee rating most of the time, employees are rated above average, which is not the case. The actual performance, therefore, differs significantly with the data collected in the rating system. Hence, the final decisions that would be made from the data collected will be inaccurate, which will result in wrong choices.

In this statistics course, I was mostly surprised by how one can use data from samples to set the attainable goals. That is the data used to set the purposes of the organization, which is achievable. For example, the organization uses the past data and its existing operations which can help it to set the future goals by using the statistical methods to interpret such past data and comparing it with the present data. Hence such helps an organization to set future achievable and attainable goals.

The most enjoyable aspect of this course was the way I was involved in the process of data collection. Collecting the past data of institutions through some procedures like interviewing involves social aspect which assisted in the understanding of different people (Ramirez, Schau, & Emmioglu, 2012). Therefore, analyzing and presenting some facts of data is much interesting because it brings in a more understanding of the concept and also gives one a chance to be a decision maker.

In this course of statistics, I have gained more personal and professional contexts where I can apply the skills learned in class. Analytical skills, therefore, will help to analyze information, for example, in financial institutions, most of the economic data need to be interpreted. That is to determine future investments and the total capital outlay. Hence for future investments, the institutions based on the past data and current financial position of the business to predict about the future operations. Therefore, such will require analytical skills to interpret such financial data to determine future investment.

Statistics is applied in most of the activities we get involved in our daily lives. Using the statistical data in our life influences decision making and sometimes changes our attitude and behaviors as well as expectations (Biau, Kerneis, & Porcher, 2008). Analytical data such as that of weather changes forms expectations as well as the expression of individuals about the weather. For example, possible in companies, statistical information forms the expectations about the future of the organization. Therefore, this influences decision making in the organization, which can improve the organization's performance.

Also, statistics increases the quality of life as people try to find solutions to the major problems affecting people in a given context (Neumann, Hood, & Neumann, 2013). Such may be the statistical data about the causes of unemployment which its main aim is to curb such problem. Therefore solutions are found which are implemented hence improving the quality of life of the affected individuals.


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