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Published: 2018-01-06 20:54:15
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My first motivation for earning a doctoral degree is that I want to surround myself with the most intelligent people on the planet. More so, I want to achieve success in life. I believe that when I achieve a doctoral degree, I will be able to get a lucrative job in the industry that incorporates what I enjoy doing most, nursing. Besides my motivation for earning a doctoral degree is to further my science. I like working in the lab and playing around with all those gadgets. Another motivation for earning my doctoral degree is because I want to be an academic. I want to acquire all the knowledge in the world and lecture it to some of the students. As well, I love conducting research. I enjoy the practice task projects that help me to achieve the highest level of nursing practice. More so, another motivation for earning a doctoral degree is to participate in research teams that emphasize on improving the delivery of healthcare. Above all, I want people to call me doctor. I guess it is because I enjoy that status. 

The aspect that I envision to do differently when my degree is complete is to seek out as much information as I can about Ph.D. programs. When I do so, I believe that I will categorize my priorities through extensive research. I will look for more information from the internet, career center counselors, my professors, and an alumnus who graduated from my field of study. I have always been interested in doing a Ph.D. program. Consequently, when it comes to something that I want to do different, I need to conduct various research options and learn about the DPN practice improvement project. Many friends have discouraged me saying that Ph.D. is stressful. However, doing it has been one of my life goals ever since I finished high school. I am so passionate about the doctoral degree, and I know that it would be worth the stress. 

My idea for the topic of Direct Practice Improvement (DPI) project is that it is the expansion of current theoretical and scientific foundations of healthcare practice in areas such as discipline knowledge base, design and assessment of clinical solutions, and clinical as well as organizational change leadership. I believe that the basis of DPI is the evaluation of organizational change leadership and topics of healthcare that I will carry out when I complete the Ph.D. program. Besides, I believe that one can accomplish DPI through clinical problem analysis, translation of an issue into practice, and generation of knowledge. Moran, Conrad, & Burson (2016) affirm that DPN students focus on projects that improve practice through quality improvement frameworks that engage implementation of scientific research or other forms in improving function. It is an evident fact that nursing research enhances the health of individuals, communities, and families in the clinical setting. Examples of direct practice improvement projects in nursing include prevention of falls, improving depression through brain screening, and rehabilitation of cardiac patients. 

During my practice hours, I intend to do it in the lab and library. As mentioned earlier, I enjoy being in the lab and playing around with the gadgets. Even so, sometimes when I am lying on bed, I think about the experiments that I can develop. I enjoy doing evidence-based research to gain new insights into my field of study. I plan to incorporate my research knowledge and evidence-based methods to create, implement, and evaluate practice methods and healthcare delivery systems. In the library, I will have to utilize all the theoretical knowledge learned in class to put it into practice. It is agreeable that utilization and dissemination of research are the integral parts of evidence-based nursing practice. 


Moran J. K., Conrad D., & Burson R. (2016). The Doctor of Nursing Practice Scholarly Project.

Burlington: Jones & Bartlett Publishers. 


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