Nursing Informatics Essay Example

Published: 2019-07-19
Nursing Informatics Essay Example
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The Foundation of Knowledge model is the basic script that informs the nursing practice through a basis of four components. These four components are largely involved in the information-getting process and are based on the knowledge of the practitioner concerning the status of the patient. They include knowledge acquisition, dissemination, generation and processing. This paper is an analysis of the workings of the foundation of knowledge model and nursing informatics in the provision of care services. A case study into post operation patients is done in order to show the application of nursing informatics and the Foundation of Knowledge approach to nursing methods.

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The Foundation of Knowledge model employs these four components in daily decision making activities of nurses, and continue to evolve in the course of expanding nurse roles in the process of caregiving. Every nurse begins using these processes in the course of learning through the acquisition process, and depending on the instruction given by the preceptors, processes, generates and disseminates such knowledge differently (McGonigle & Mastrian, 2009). In the course of progress with their careers, nurses learn to employ all four components in the course of their work in order to become effective. This is because it is important for any nurse to be in a continuous state of learning in order to be effective in what they do. The foundation of knowledge model basically issues a cycle of information where the nurse collects information from patients. Such information is converted into data by generative knowledge, which is already existing for the purposes of having a measuring rod for newly obtained data. Generative data is based on either school curriculum for the nurse, or experience gained in the course of treatment. Thereafter, the nurse can share such an experience with others in the field (also known as the dissemination process). On other forums, they can allow the information to evolve, or share with nursing students (Haye, 2011).

My application of the informatics in the Knowledge model was applied in the course of assessing post operation patients. This was in the course of my schooling activity, where the nursing informatics came into play a lot. At first, I was allowed to observe the patient in the course of recovery of consciousness a few hours after her operation. Furthermore, the process included monitoring any abnormal behavior exhibited by the patient after the operation. This was the knowledge acquisition phase of my project. Analysis of these behaviors was done in order to determine what could be the possible causes of such behavior in the patient. These were done based on both the learning processes I was engaged in within the classroom environment as well as discussion groups held thereafter with colleagues. In addition, research into the area showed the possible causes that could have occasioned abnormal behavior for the post-operation patient. Methods included asking already-practicing nurses to get their take because of my lack of experience in the field as the knowledge model would direct. Thereafter, I would share my experience with fellow students on my observations and knowledge process.

This approach agrees largely with the evidence-based approach that has been used. Based on the experience of the nurses and knowledge acquired as well as evolving theories, the nurse can adequately cater for patient needs. In the course of caring for post-operation patients, the foundation of knowledge approach was quite useful in knowing possible ways of treatment of symptoms of patients.


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