Paper Example on Essential Concepts to International Corporation Managements

Published: 2023-02-14
Paper Example on Essential Concepts to International Corporation Managements
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Week 4 readings, the most important concepts it entails includes expatriate, multinational companies, and workforce assignments. Expatriates are persons who live away from their domestic country for different reasons, such as career and job demands. Expatriate is aimed at providing their skills and knowledge to international incorporation. In most cases, their skills are unique and very essential for a company to run. Therefore, they are moved to areas where a new branch of Multinational Corporation is set for effective implementation of its goal ("The future of work: Heiko Fischer at TEDxKoeln", 2019).

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Multinational corporations are firms or organization that has set up its branches across other countries within the same line of production. It invests globally in different countries. The expansion of corporation and need to create foreign markets drive, the company to setting more branches across the world. Assignments involve the allocation of job positions as well as identifying the skill that best suits the individual in a specific field. Assignment of task position depends on the skills and experience that an individual has ("The future of work: Heiko Fischer at TEDxKoeln", 2019).

The critic of Global Workforce Assignment and Management

Assignments of the expatriate to other branches of multinational corporations is quite expensive. The assignment does not justify production cost and the profit margin that a company requires to make. It does not also consider other factors such as obstacles such as environmental adversity and health to its expatriates. It is, therefore, a weak point whereby little concern about their health and environmental suitability. Secondly, despite the knowledge and skills to a particular job field, the gender factor could also hinder the better performance of the job operations. The psychological torment might be subjected to the expatriate who leaves their family to others for a job. In short, cost, health, and general welfare have not been explicit in global workforce assignments.

Question That Needs To Be Addressed In Global Workforce Management

Through the study of management appraisal as well as assignment, several questions arise and need to be addressed. For instance, issues with racism, ethnicity as well as nationality have not been clearly expounded, especially in global workforce assignment. The perception of different people on specific races and ethnicity is hard to be changed, especially to clients or customers. In relocation and assignment of expatriates may create tension on their families as well as where they are internationally assigned their task. The question is, how do multinational corporations manage such stirring hiccups? Finally, the language barrier and cultural difference are rampant for expatriates. Therefore what precautious measure do they take to protect them, especially in the transition period to learn the ways of that particular culture they are to work in.

The relevance of Global Workforce Management to the Real World

In relation to week four readings have been implemented in the economic world. However, there some change or constraints that hinder the implementation of the theoretical approaches. The factors include corruption, political instability, as well as different legal laws governing the workforce as well as multinational corporations. The relocation of expatriates is minimal as the corporation tries to reduce the cost. In short, the theoretical lesson instilled in class does not translate 100% in real working situation of multinational corporations. The lessons correlate with the real world as training is the necessary foundation to instill skills to new staffs or recruits for effective implementation of organizational goals.

The Purpose of Inducing Global Workforce Management

In my own opinion or reasoning, the topic under global workforce training, assignment management, as well as performance management, is administrated to open up our mindset in considering the internal and external factors. Through consideration of the elements, there is awareness created to improve the performance of the corporation and the achievement of its set goals. Above all, the lesson is induced to us for career development in both training, workforce assigning, and management of international corporations.


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