Paper Example. Post World War 1

Published: 2023-04-11
Paper Example. Post World War 1
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The current state of the world has been shaped by various events that took place in the past years. Some of these events were major as the whole world was involved. One such event is World War 1, which took place between 1914 and 1918 (Nicholls, 2016). After World War 1 had occurred, there were preceding events that were felt in every country. For instance, In Germany, World War 1 resulted in conditions that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler.

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Economics and the Great Depression

After World War 1 in Germany, there was a huge period of the economic great depression. During this period, the economy of Germany had gone down completely. As much as this period was devastating, for Germany, it led to the rise of Adolf Hitler (Schwabe, 2014). Adolf Hitler rose because he comes up with policies and approaches that were aimed at improving the economy of Germany at that time. The Nazi party, which was led by Adolf Hitler, became popular since many people wanted the country to be helped out of the great depression since it was affecting them.

Treaty of Versailles

The Treaty of Versailles was the most important because it helped in ending World War 1. This treaty helped Germany as well as the allied powers to reach a point of agreement to stop the war. This condition helped in ending the world, but it also led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. The treaty of Versatile led to the rise of Adolf Hitler because he was not pleased with how the war had ended(Schwabe, 2014). Therefore, Adolf Hitler joined a small party, which later became the Nazi Party, whereby he selects to be the leader. Adolf uses this position to rise to power.

Fear of Communism

The fear of communism is the other reason that led to the rise of Adolf Hitler. After World War 1, there was the fear of communism, whereby most of Germany was scared that there would be a rise in anarchism by the society or state. However, when the Nazi Party became famous among many people in Germany, Adolf Hitler, who was the leader, used the fear of communism to win these individuals. Therefore, many people supported the party since it objected to communism, and as a result, this issue led to the rise of Adolf Hitler.


In a nutshell, the rise of Adolf Hitler after World War 1 was influenced by various conditions that Germany experienced. After World War 1, Germany experienced various conditions, and one of them is a great depression, which led to the rise of Adolf Hitler because he came up with policies that would end this difficult economic period. Also, the Treaty of Versailles, which brought World War 1 to an end, led to the rise of Adolf Hitler because he did not like how the war hand end; hence he chose to become a leader. Moreover, the rise of Adolf Hitler was inspired by the fear of communism. Many people feared communism after World War 1. Hitler took advantage of this fear to win the hearts of many people who supported him overwhelmingly. In the end, Hitler had become popular with the Nazi Party since many people were supporting it. Therefore, if these conditions would not have been there, it would have been not very easy for Hitler to rise to power.


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