Public Relation Analysis of Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-09-27
Public Relation Analysis of Metro Trains: Dumb Ways to Die. Free Essay.
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Metro Trains Dumb Ways to Die is regarded as on of the most talked about topic in Australia in the recent history. Someone can conclusively say that this campaign that was started by McCann Melbourne has managed to fulfill its purpose by achieving a legendary fete in the circles of advertising(Dumb Ways to Die, 2016). The launch of the campaign is majorly centered on some melodic music video that features some animated creatures who are seen dying in ways that can be said to be unintelligent and comic. This happens just before showing that as a result of the predictability of the train, there is a huge possibility that accidents can occur as a result of contact with the trains and the video goes ahead to state that this form of death can be regarded as one of the dumbest of all times.

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The advertisement was put across to highlight the importance of practicing rail safety. The nature in which the advertisement was put across have ensured that it manages to achieve its goal, in the process getting the attention of the world as well and most of the characters of the play have since been global figures who are recognized by every Dick and Tom. However, there are some questions that have always been asked like, if the campaign was actually effective and if the campaign managed to save lives as initially intended. These are some of the questions that I am going to answer in paper.

The Actual Problem

There was a tendency by the young individuals in Melbourne and its outskirts to portray absent mindedness and behaviors that were foolish mainly in the surroundings of the trains, whichoccasionally resulted to serious injuries or even death. This prompted the Metro Train s to approach McCann Melbourne so that he may help with the creation of an awareness campaign, that which could make the audience to express great care. McCann found this a challenge because of the trends which showed that the young generations appetite for advertisements were fast fading away. This is because of the critically of theissue that talks about the way the young generation should carry out themselves. Nevertheless, after serious consultations, the final advertisement was drafted and put across and made to appear like the things that are being bought on the iTunes.

The Criteria of being Viral

The fast changing world have madenumerous experts in the advertising industry to brainstorm on the best way of creating a campaign that can go viral. Metro Trains had an ambition of making the content great. It is also good to note that for a content to going viral then it should be able to be shared rapidly amongst individuals. This therefore called for McCann and his team to develop one of the best works that they have ever produced in the recent history. This is because of the nature of the Generation Y which demand that they be involved in anything whatsoever they indulge in.

The Solution

Releasing of the Content

The Metro Trans together with McCann had to first produce and then record the video of the music that they called, Dumb Ways to Die (DWTDF), this was regarded as the piece of content that should have been shared mainly. In the video, there could be seen some funny cartoon characters that were dying in way that were ridiculous. Then the video ended with some reference directly related to the main point: this was rail safety. Just after the video was launched, the agency proceeded to uploadthe karaoke version. The video could be figured out even by the least of the illiterate of the individuals within Melbourne, that there is need for them to strive to be safe on the roads at all cost irrespective of who they are. This seemed to pay off because, the video have reportedly attracted hundreds of million views and the current downloads for the video stands at over 200 million(Dumb Ways to Die. 2016). This clearly showed the importance and the significance that the video had to the Australian citizens. This is a fete that can be pointed at having in the team, individuals who had experience in working in the advertising industry for some time.

The Procedure

After the launch of the video being successful, McCann Melbourne went a step further in generating extra content, including the gifs and a song that is easily downloadable on the iTunes. The DFWTD was also placed on the front page of the Reddit. These are some of the strides that ensured that the advertisement reached as many people as possible. This is because of the ease in whichthe Metro Trans as the involved team made the advertisement to be more appealing to the eye. The two months that were taken to work on it alsoensured that only the best production was made to the public.

Making the advertisement to be one of the smartphone games and also the production of the childrens book are just of the milestone that the agency went to ensure that the campaign reached its initial target. There was also the formation of a website, the production of supporting posters and the karaoke versions also played key parts in the successfulness of the campaign.

The Spoofs

The fact that the advertisement received some development of spoofs. This clearly showed the importance in which the message had been put across.The spoofs were on YouTubeand funnily enough, the contents were mainly generated by the very audience.This showed the significance of the original work and the impact that it.

The Incorporation of the Magic Ingredients

The campaign involved some deep thought being put across. For example, the animals that were featuring on the video are the ones that do not live inside Australia, they are inhabitants of North America! Australia, being a small English-speaking nation, the management held to the idea that the advertisement could have only done well in the local markets just after being recognized in the global market. There was also a careful selection of the singers tone so that the right vibe could be achieved.

It surprised many to see that the advertisement was not approved by everyone. This could be seen like in the case of Russia, where the government had the belief that the content of the video included numerous ideas of committing suicide. Since the government of Russia didnt want the young kids to be influenced I the direction of the video, they banned it.

The Results of the Advertisement

The campaign is considered to one of the success of the modern day advertisement. This can be said to be because of the numbers that have been registered in relation to it. This was because of the acceptance that it received in the USA, the UK, Canada, and Germany and in Australia. The campaign is also reported to have been one of the most effective in history. In the first year of its launch alone, it is said to have led to a reduction of the railway accidents by a staggering 21%. This is because of the engaging and the nature of how the idea in it were well thought off. However, not all individuals were happy with the campaign, as some former employees argues that the management at the Metro Trans failed to address the actual issue but instead, just filled their ego. This therefore means that regardless of how good something can be, there must always be opposes.

The nature of the success of the campaign signifies the power of teamwork, doing enough research and being ready to incorporate the modern trends in the development of an ineffective advertisement campaign.


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