Annotated Bibliography Example for Recruitment and Selection for HR Managers

Published: 2020-04-28
Annotated Bibliography Example for Recruitment and Selection for HR Managers
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Over the recent years, human resource managers have had many difficulties when recruiting new employees for their open positions. There is a lot of concern that most human resource managers are not aware of what to consider during employee recruitment and selection process. Such lack of knowledge leads the human resource managers into choosing the wrong candidates for any available positions within their organization. Most of the challenges revolve around the failure to get qualified candidate to lack of knowledge on how to shift effectively through applications.

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Brown, J. (2011). The complete guide to recruitment: A step-by-step approach to selecting, assessing and hiring the right people. Philadelphia, PA: Kogan Page.

The author of this book looks at a number of steps that are necessary for effective recruitment. According to the book, the human resource management department should put a lot of effort in the process of recruiting and selecting any employees for an available position in an organization. The book thus, looks at costs of recruitment, engaging and retaining employees, creation of a suitable workplace for employees, factors to consider for a successful recruitment, development of a successful recruitment process, and talent strategy among other related aspect of the recruitment and selection of employees.

Usefulness: with respect to this book, human resource managers are required to be versed with all recruitment and selection strategies. This can help them to ensure that they hire the right candidate for their organizations. Information such as the effects of low recruitment process is necessary for employees to help them budget wisely before engaging in any recruitment and selection exercise. In addition, the book provides reliable information on how to engage a recruitment exercise that is designed for a particular purpose, as well as how to ensure the development of employees after recruitment to ensure high employee retention.

Catano, V. M., Fitzgerald, C., Hackett, R., Wiesner, W., & Methot, L. (2009). Recruitment and selection in Canada. Cengage Learning.

This book provides reliable information regarding the recruitment and selection process in different organizations in Canada. The authors have put together an updated introduction, and recruitment developments in Canada. The authors have approached the recruitment and selection issue in Canada seriously by incorporating relevant materials from Canada in order to develop a suitable recruitment guide for human resource managers. As such, the authors have provided in-depth details focusing on Canadian organizations but with a focus on general on recruitment and selection process for any organization.

Usefulness: There has been an increasing need for human resource managers and other stakeholders to understand the legal, technical, and scientific aspects necessary within the recruitment and selection of employees in the modern times. As such, this book will be useful in highlighting areas of concern by Human Resource Managers, as well as factors to incorporate while recruiting employees for any given position. In addition, HR managers will understand how to integrate recruitment and selection aspects, technical practices, along with recent legal requirements in attaining a successful recruitment and selection exercise.

Chand, S. (2010). Major challenges faced by human resources managers. Progress and prospects. Academy of management journal, 39(4), 779-801.

This article indicates that human resource managers are some of the most important individuals in any organization. However, the author asserts that there are major challenges that make the work of HR managers in any organization quite difficult affecting its success. This article thus focuses on some of these problems, with key interest on problems associated with the recruitment and selection of employees.

Usefulness: According to the article, many HR managers lack information on challenges likely to affect recruitment and selection, as well as how to deal with them. As such, there is a need for an understanding of the recruitment and selection process, challenges, and expected remedies. This article thus, advices human resource managers on the basic tips and methods that they can put in place to overcome basic challenges during their recruitment. Such information ensures that they engage suitable candidates for any vacant position within their organization. In addition, the article provides information on other problems that organizations face as a result of employee the wrong candidates.

Compton, R. L., Morrissey, W. J., Nankervis, A. R., & Morrissey, B. (2009). Effective recruitment and selection practices. CCH Australia Limited.

According to this book, the process of recruiting and selecting new employees for any organization is a significant part of any organization. However, the author shows out that careful planning of the entire process determines the effectiveness of the process. The books indicates that recruitment and selection of employees is significantly tied to other processes within the human resource department such as reward systems, performance appraisal, development and job design among others.

Usefulness: The book highlights that human resource management process should all work in close association. Such information and will help the human resource managers to understand the underlying concepts of practices in human resource management within the modern context. This can include information such as the view of employees in an organization as organizational assets, human capital or even human resources, and to consider human resource management as required process for organizational strategies. This book thus, will give human resource managers reliable information on the worth of employees and their role in achieving organizational goals. Thus, it will be beneficial as a recruitment and selection guide.

Kokemuller, N. (2009). Problems in recruitment and selection. International journal of emerging research in management & technology, 2(6), 83-88.

Kokemuller has been instrumental in providing reliable information on organizational success and growth. In this article, the focus is on the problems that human resource management face during the recruitment and selection of employees. This article points out that the process of getting the right individuals for any vacancy is critical and incorporates several challenges that HR managers have to overcome.

Usefulness: According to the author of this article, the recruitment and selection process requires careful planning. Such planning is necessary if any organization is to avoid challenges resulting from employing unqualified employees. In the case of providing instructions for recruitment and selection to HR managers, this article highlights some of the problems faced by most HR managers during recruitment and selection of employees. As such, the information will be vital in helping human resource managers develop effective strategies to curb recruitment and selection problems such as misalignment, narrow focus and poor culture fit among others.

McConnell, J. (2011). Auditing your human resources department: A step-by-step guide to assessing the key areas of your program. New York: American Management Association.

This book has a close association to The American Management, a proven world leader in the development and advancement of skills in organizations in order to ensure that businesses are successful. The author of the book points out that the effectiveness of human resource management department depends largely on continual auditing of the department to ascertain whether the personnel involved and any other measures are updated for successful recruitment and selection process.

Usefulness: Through steps provided in the book to assess and audit human resource department, the book will be useful in the instructional guide. This can be attributed to the fact that it will act as a guideline to HR managers on what they are supposed to look audit to ensure that every aspect of the department is aimed at achievement of the set goals and objectives of the organization. For instance, the author shows that auditing the human resources department can include steps such as information gathering, evaluation, analysis and setting out an action plan.

Mohamed, B. (2008). Graduate recruitment and selection in the UK: A study of the recent changes in methods and expectations. Career Development International, 13(6), 497-513.

This article provides findings from a study that was conducted to assess the effectiveness of graduate-based recruitment and section with key focus on the expectations of different organizations and the changing recruitment and selection methods. The report also provides reasons attributable to the recent changes in development, recruitment, and selection of employees, particularly on the attraction of fresh graduates.

Usefulness: The report provides reliable data on the changes within the human resource management following the changing global environment. Such information and the reasons behind the changes are necessary for any human resource managers. For example, the data from the study showed that different organizations irrespective of the size need elaborate and cost-effective methods when recruiting and selecting suitable employees for their organizations. As such, the information will be useful in helping HR managers adopt new strategies of recruitment with respect to the changing environment. However, such information will only be useful if the HR managers understand the trends in the human resource management.

Newell, S. (2005). Recruitment and selection. Managing Human Resources: Personnel Management in Transition, 115-147.

The author of this book looks at how to manage human resources with respect to the changing global environment. As such, the focuses on issues related to the attraction of high-quality employees, the process of recruiting and selecting the suitable employees for any available positions, and the retention of the same.

Usefulness: According to this book, the growth, as well as survival of any organization can be quite difficult if the necessary employee recruitment and selection measures are not implemented. This can be attributed to the fact that there is an increase in global competition and the need to effectively satisfy customers needs. Thus, HR managers will learn the different ways and measures that if put in place can help them to deal with the current changes in the global environment. In addition, the information herein will be necessary for HR managers to understand that for them to succeed in the global environment; they should attract, recruit, select, and retain high quality employees.

Piotrowski, C., & Armstrong, T. (2006). Current recruitment and selection practices: a national survey of fortune 1000 firms. North American Journal of Psychology, 8 (3), 489-496.

The authors of this article present a report on a study carried out to find out the different methods that different companies within the US use in their recruitment and selection processes. The results are based on 151 firms and it shows that most firms depend on traditional approaches of employee selection and recruitment. In addition, only few companies make use of online recruitment strategies in their recruitment and selection of employees for open positions within their organizations.

Usefulness: The findings from the study are relevant in the modern human resource management. This can be attributed to the fact that human resource management can use such report in evaluating the effectiveness of the...

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