Reflecting Essay Sample on Personal Development Planning

Published: 2019-09-13
Reflecting Essay Sample on Personal Development Planning
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I have been pursuing a bachelor's degree in Oil and Gas Management. The decision to pursue this course was based on my passion for subjects on oil and gas and the aspect of environment. In my program, I have studied several courses which have been very instrumental in advancing my knowledge further. Some of the courses that I have handled include Business Economics, Introduction to Computing, Business Law, Management, Study Skills, Introduction to Accounting, Logistics and Operations Management, Oil and Gas Management, International Energy Policies, Legal Aspects of the Oil and Gas Industry, Environmental Management for Sustainable Development, E-Commerce and Marketing, Innovation and Risk Management, Development in Oil and Gas Retail Industries, Project Management, and Strategic Management. These courses have equipped me with various knowledge and skills in different aspects of life and the corporate world. For example, the course on business economics was critical in developing economic concepts and important in helping me in the outside world as far as aspects of economies are concerned. The course on management was equally important as it gave me an overview of how organisations carry out their activities in order to achieve their set goals and objectives. With the knowledge on project management and strategic management, I gained more insight into the aspects of carrying out any project from scratch to completion, as well as issues of concern for the purpose of ensuring that the right approaches are adopted in a business to achieve success. I also gained risk management knowledge which is very vital in the corporate world.

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Oil and Gas management was one of my favourites courses since it directly aligned to my major. The course gave me an overview of the concept of management in the gas and oil industry, and the relationship with logistics and operations. Introduction to Computing and introduction o accounting courses helped me develop better skills in information and technology and accounting. In addition, the course of legal aspects of the oil and gas industry was an eye-opener as far as the activities within the oil and gas industry are concerned. The skills and knowledge gained from this course alongside the information on business law gave e a background as far as legal matters are concerned.

Overly, all the courses were beneficial in their own way. However, the course on environmental management for sustainable development had a lot of impact in my course and played a significant role in my decision to carry out a research study on blended fuels in the UKs energy mix. I was so much determined to understand the concept of alternative fuels and the role they in ensuring conservation of the environment through the reduction of GHGs emissions. Nonetheless, my study period was not as smooth since there numerous challenges from different aspects of learning. Luckily, with the right strategies, I was able to overcome most of the challenges. Generally, my project on blended fuels and all the courses that I have pursued during my years of study have grown and developed me into an all-round individual, equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for the job market. As such, with my knowledge and skills in oil and gas industry, I can adequately handle any aspects of this industry in relation to gas and oil management.

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