Free Essay: Robo-Journalism And Future Journalism

Published: 2023-04-10
Free Essay: Robo-Journalism And Future Journalism
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Robojournalism is shaking up the media industry, and it is bringing changes too in journalism. The advancement of technology puts most human personnel at risk of losing their jobs due to automation. Robojournalism will bring advancement to the profession, but it will not replace the task force in place as most activities require the workforce.

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What kind of journalism is Robo-journalism?

Robojournalism refers to the incorporation of software to come up with articles and reports in the media field. Refined content-providing applications depend on the integration of data analytics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to give information that is similar to that done by human beings. On an early morning on 1 February 2014, an earthquake hit Los Angeles, a content creation algorithm made by a programmer come, a journalist, and Ken Schwencke had posted the news in eight minutes on the L.A. Times. the story even contained a map showing the source of the earthquake. The software was designed to receive any information from the united states geology survey and decide if it is news. Such software use in journalism makes work easier for journalists, and it provides information promptly. Thus saves time for the journalists and takes the pressure off them during significant events. The software can gather data very fast from numerous sources in a small period and compile it into a report or an article. Therefore, robot journalism is competent in writing factual information from weather to sports news but cannot analyze data deeply.

Does Robo-Journalism Have A Purpose?

Robo journalism has a purpose. Given the nature of human brains, one can only gather so much news. The human brain is also limited to a specific capacity of articles it can compose a day and the amount of data it can retain for long. On the other hand, Owing to the methodic nature of robotics, it is principally utilized where articles based on numbers and statistics are needed. It is mainly used for sports reviews, weather, business news, property analysis, and income evaluations. For instance, a college basketball covering platform uses software for its information. The Associated Press incorporated automation to cater for 10000 basketball teams every year; they used software called automated insights . In addition to sports, Associated Press also produces corporate earnings news using automation software. Thomson Reuters also announced its shift from manual to automated news production in 2006 for its online platform. Additionally, the Quakebot, in 2014, generated a story about an earthquake that had occurred in California within 3 minutes after the earthquake (Jenkins & Culture 2006). Automation in journalism has a purpose, and it will have a significant impact on future journalism without any doubt.

What Is Its Potential Consumer?

Robots generated will affect future journalism in terms of consumers. The potential consumers of automated data reports are mainly business people. Robots are good with numbers due to their formulaic nature. Consequently, financial reports are their forte as well as business analysis. The Associated Press, since 2014, incorporated an algorithm for the generation of quarterly incomes (Meyer 2002). The software utilizes natural language for data processing from numerous sources. There have been studies on how stock prices have been affected by press coverage. They concluded that the effect was intense. After the robotic reporting of a business started, the stock quantity trade-off increased in two days by approximately.

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