Essay on Study Abroad in France. Free Example for Students.

Published: 2020-06-18
Essay on Study Abroad in France. Free Example for Students.
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My primary choice of the country I want to study in is France. I was ideally motivated because France is known to have the most prestigious system of education. I am currently studying pastry art and French cuisine. Applying for a position in one of the institutions of learning is easy as the government fully supports students from other countries into their institutions. A policy introduced in 1998 allows for simplicity in the awarding of visas. Governments grants also make the country more attractive to international students and the creation of a European University that makes it possible to the availability of diplomas. Above all, I chose France because I want to explore Europes cuisines and learn French, which will open opportunities for me in close to 27 countries.The study abroad will help me in achieve my short term and long term academic, personal as well as my career goals of becoming a renowned Pastry Chef with a touch of French cuisine. I intend to increase my social and professional networks so as to be successful after completing the program. Since international students are allowed to work overtime, I expect to gain some experience in my field of Pastry. The experience gained will be a plus when finding a job when finishing the program. Learning of the French language will also open doors for my career. This is because this creates opportunities for my career in over 27 French speaking countries. Above all, getting to see and explore a different world with a different culture will help me in accommodating other cultures in the future as a professional.

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Studying in France is likely to come with challenges due to the different culture from the one I am accustomed. Some of the challenges I anticipate are language barriers simply because French is not my first language. Learning a new language from scratch is challenging, and there is also the hurdle of learning slang language used in France. Another challenge I anticipate is that of culture shock. Adapting to the French culture will not be easy but adapting to cultural changes is one skill I intend to learn.Getting used to the new currency will also be a challenge. The challenge is coming up with an exchange conversion system. There are those that forget and spend Euros as if they were dollars. For assistance, I intent to join existing and new student groups with students from my home country.

If and when awarded the scholarship, I intend to be an effective ambassador for BHCC while studying in France. I will respect the people, laws, and the culture as well as the environment of France. I will follow all the rules and regulations of France and the academic institution that I will enroll. I intend to be diligent and work hard in school and maintain academic integrity during my stay in the academic institution. Above all, I promise to be of good behavior and uphold all the requirements of the statement of understanding.

To promote the BHCC Study Abroad Scholarship program upon my return, I intend to by submitting a detailed summary of my experiences in France. I will also be open to being a member of the BHCC selection committee and in the process support future programs. Also, I will have pleasure in speaking to new participants about my experiences in France.

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