Summary of IMFs Latest Articles. Free Essay.

Published: 2019-08-29
Summary of IMFs Latest Articles. Free Essay.
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The first article, Spring Meetings is about meetings that are usually held in spring. These meetings invite people from all sectors including private and government officials. Other participants include journalists and civil society organizations. The gathering is done in Washington DC where IMF and World Bank addresses the respective characters.

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Several key meetings happen during this period. Such include the meetings between IMFs Committee and World Bank Development Committee. The nature of the meeting is to discuss the progress of the progress on the work done by these two groups. A review of what is to be expected the following time is also addressed.

Other included activities during this time different seminars, regional briefings and press conferences. All these meetings and conferences are directed towards several key areas. These include global economy, international development, and global financial markets. Various reports are given regarding these sectors with an explanation on each (IMF, 2016).

This years meetings will also be carried out in Washington DC in April. However, this does not include the session of World Bank Board of Governors and IMF. This is scheduled in autumn during the Annual Meetings. These meetings play a major role in giving insight on the direction the world is heading regarding the Economy.

The next article is on global financial stability where according to the current outlook report; the risks in the financial stability have increased since October last year. It is also evident that the advanced economies have deteriorated due to several reasons such as uncertainties in businesses and growth setbacks. The risks in emerging markets have been because of decline in oil and other commodities prices. These factors have been the key causes to tight financial conditions.

To avert these risks and achieve financial stability, more broad policies need to be devised. It is also important to deal with the market liquidity and develop resistance to global financial crisis. Important to note is that there has been an increase in financial spillovers particularly from emerging markets. Another key finding is that contributions from life insurers to systemic risks has also increased recently.

The disruptions to world assets markets have contributed in the above-mentioned pressures. The financial spillovers have been attributed to Chinas growth transition. The developments have since resulted in increased credit risks and tight financial situations. To avoid falling into global financial crisis, fast policies and amendments need to be put in place.

Regarding insurance, the increased life insurers systemic risks has resulted from exposure to aggregate risks and partly from correlations across the assets classes (IMF, 2016). This suggests that the regulation of insurance companies should be put in place. Other important considerations in this sector is the adoption of transparency standards. In addition, the behaviour of weaker insurers have created attention and something needs to be done about it.


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