Business Essay Sample on a Tax Reduction

Published: 2019-11-18
Business Essay Sample on a Tax Reduction
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The Company management has noted with concern, the new regulations and rising taxes that are hurting the company profit margin. The concerns have to negotiate with the Governor a tax reduction for the green status sake of the enterprise. However, the talk with the Governor did not look yielding.

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The attention of all employees is thereby drawn to be aware of the urgently of the company reallocation in areas where taxes and wages can be considerably cheaper. Two of our team leaders conscious of this pending move. It's brought to your attention to inform you after losing one of our top clients who has gone to join other business that has relocate in other areas.

All members and leaders at this moment notified and requested of the following in a lawful way;

The company is considering moving the business to New Mexico after negotiation with the Governor there within the next four months.

All the employees are after that requested to relocate with the business if possible to avoid losing their jobs.

To bring everyone on board, to be aware of the date of moving the business and to be prepared to relocate with the firm.

How competitive edge relates to the decision and its importance to the timing for the move.

Internationalization of Business-the instant communication and the flow of ideas and resource from country to country enabled the company to directly look into faster means of relocating their business to New Mexico for a higher peak of the firm.

The Impact of Technology- This was the quick ways of accessing for business relocation and clients and customers to the business world through various means such as cellular telephones, bar coding systems, voicemail systems, ATMs and where some of this can be used to receive payments.

Demographic Changes in the population means to enable the company CEO to peacefully pass the information on the pending move of the business. Demographic allows dramatically changes that can be a fundamental shift of wealth and to turn out other business opportunities. ("Four Methods of Competitive Advantages," 2016)

The changes in Our Distribution Systems due to a lot of paid wages and taxes the company was able to shift its business to buy products and services that are the necessary implication for enterprises in the future hence enable a dynamic and fast-growing peak in the firm.

Get Involved in the Political Process-the CEO was in touch with the New Mexico tax Governor enabled their business to relocate to the city after negotiation("Ten Steps to Sustainable Business in 2013 ", 2016)

Suggestions on how to handle the feedback from the news

To use defensive strategies on ways to gain a competitive advantage in the business to avoid competitors.

Alliance way on how to strategically seek relation with other business under the same firm.

To differentiate business strategies to avoid competitors. ("Making Strategic Changes for the 21st Century", 2015)

I take this opportunity to clarify that the mentioned dates and the business relocation to be taken very seriously and to avoid any rumors that may emerge into the firm. You are therefore required to provide your new applications to move with the company.

Mr. Johnston Smith

CEO (medium-sized solar panel firm)


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