Paper Example: The Best Case/worst Case Scenario

Published: 2023-02-27
Paper Example: The Best Case/worst Case Scenario
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We can make it easier for younger people with social anxiety to make connections by organizing a discussion that brings them together. For instance, a scenario where a student comes across a Posta that there is a debate supposed to take place in the cafeteria within the institution. The student wishes to attend the session and is anxious about whether he will make new friends. Finally, he decides to attend the session. On arrival, the student receives a warm welcome at the door and feels positive about his decision of wishing to interact. He gets so nervous after discovering there are other students in the queue waiting to make their order. When his turn comes, he orders his meal by pointing at the most popular meal on the menu. After serving the meal, he wonders where to have his meals from and finally rests his mind on a particular table that a few students are sitting. The students sitting on the table pass their greeting and in return, he warmly responds to the greeting out of which a conversation emerges. They get into the discussion and share various ideas. In the end, the student gets to socialize and yearns to interact more.

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The best outcome of the discussion may be realized when the student fully enjoys the discussion and feels positive about it. By making a decision to move out of his uncertainty and step forward to join in a group of people with whom to interact with not knowing their nature does quite a considerable good change in his perception of various things in life. .He is bound to meet new friends, enjoys their company, cracks jokes, play games, shares life experiences, and get encouraged about life. Contributing to the discussion and his fellow students agreeing with him raises his self-esteem. By the end of the day, so much relaxation is experienced and a different view of life develops in addition to being motivated a great deal.

Out of the interaction, the worst outcome may be experienced. This may happen in cases where maybe the subject of discussion is not appealing to them or they are so attached to it emotionally such that by one member supporting or being against it, the student's emotional feeling is affected. In other instances, overcrowding may contribute to shun the expectation of a person. Contrary to the expectation, the person will start shying off and consequently failing to participate in the discussion. The urge to socialize which may have developed in the beginning tends in the end to have a negative impact. The student starts to be judgmental and inquisitive for first having thought of socializing and secondly moving on to try out. In turn, the scenario creates more anxiety and disturbs students psychologically. The student counts losses by attempting to engage in interaction and may develop hatred for all those involved in the debate.

Out of a given scenario, we may try to make sure that the participants benefit rather than developing a negative attitude from the situation. First, in case of having many participants, we can opt for dividing them into various groups to avoid overcrowding. Secondly, bringing about a topic of discussion that is unbiased and will not result in some of the participants feeling offended. Therefore, the group members will advocate for a topic that virtually all the members will agree to debate. Similarly, the debate can happen in an environment whereby, there is assurance of the safety of the students and hence students achieve maximum concentration. Moreover, trying to get feedback from the students about how they feel concerning the subject of discussion helps improve the nature of the scenario in the future. Lastly, is by organizing a similar event to give the students another chance of socializing amongst themselves.

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