Essay Sample on the Credibility of Information on the Internet

Published: 2017-07-29
Essay Sample on the Credibility of Information on the Internet
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Deciding on the website to choose where to derive information is a matter of testing for the quality of the sources. While so much is on the internet, there is too little to trust given that the information used in research has to be current, credible and should thoroughly focus on the matter under consideration (Lucassen & Schraagen, 2013). A credible source should thoroughly focus on aging dogs. The information should also have a focus on the historical view of aging dogs. This review entails a bibliography which is a list of references to which the source draws it conclusion on the question of aging dogs. A source must have some professional, referential and credibility background.

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In observation of the outlined qualities, the credibility of the given websites would be as follows:



3. www. Home Programs & Initiatives






The list draws it organization from the concept of credibility, current information and referencing. The top in the list has a credible author, information, and references which make it top the list. The second one is a government publication that is trustworthy as the author has a professional background and the work is referenced (Kriscautzky & Ferreiro, 2014). The third is also a government publication but has less objective information as compared to the second. The fourth in the list is credible than the list given that it is a companys website that specializes in insuring pets. The fifth up to the eighth websites have little credibility when in terms of authorship. However, they have been graded in regards to the quality of content they provided.

Deciding on the credibility of a web source to use in research is a hard task. One has to decide on the quality of the material. The best source has to have some professional background, a reference list and the information should be current so that it helps understand the problem precisely.


Kriscautzky, M., & Ferreiro, E. (2014). The credibility of information on the Internet: criteria stated and criteria used by Mexican students. Educacao e Pesquisa, 40(4), 913-934.

Lucassen, T., & Schraagen, J. M. (2013). The influence of source cues and topic familiarity on credibility evaluation. Computers in Human Behavior, 29(4), 1387-1392.

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