Paper Example. The Keystone XL Pipeline Project

Published: 2023-03-06
Paper Example. The Keystone XL Pipeline Project
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The proposed XL pipeline project is proposed to create a route of at least 3800 miles connecting Canada and the United States. The pipeline is expected to carry at least 590, 000 barrels of oily on a daily basis. The construction is expected to cost around eight billion dollars before completion despite the earlier prediction of a 5.4 billion dollar project. The ownership of the entire construction tender is TransCanada, a huge company within the Canadian territories outside Ontario City.

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The Positive Impact of XL Pipeline Construction

The general estimate of citizens who will get employment opportunities as a result of the proposed construction is 13,000 with active hours of work of about seven million. The total direct or indirect job support nationwide is expected to range between 43, 000 jobs to 44, 000 jobs. There have been several agreements between TransCanada and other labor unions within the unites states. Other websites argue that, as a result of the project, nearly 2 billion dollars will be generated for the united states government. Other websites have given mixed benefits with effects. Some sources argue that the price of gasoline will decrease by a margin of 15% per gallon while others suggest that, the price will instead rise at the same rate. It is also suggested that general dependency on foreign oil will decrease.

Negative effects of XL pipeline construction

Collaboration between the US government and TransCanada company is meant to deprive people's properties eminently. Due to the type of oil generated from tar sands, internal corrosion to pipes may occur resulting in spills posing a 16 times larger threat to the citizens of the United States. The expected spills will cause environmental pollution exposing both animals and plants to extreme dangers. Also, oil from tar sands is among the dirtiest form of oil in the world, this implies that the refinery process is the most chemically extensive to refine other oils since it contains bitumen. There are potential threats of climate change If the project is approved.

The entire issue is somewhat complicated since by assessing the two ideas from different websites, it is easy to conclude that, there are completely opposing ideas referring to the same project. It is quite difficult to identify the site telling the truth. By exploring back in history it is easy to conclude that, most of the huge companies are in greeted of government resources while compromising the needs of the real taxpayers. However, through the regime of the predecessor, it can be assumed that there is an enlighting revolution between the parties.

By assessing deeply on both sides, I would recommend the project be terminated. Despite the several arguments from environmentalists, other things are factual. People are going to lose large tracts of land to support foreign investors. Also, the raw material is being exported which means the government will be helping the foreign investors instead of really addressing the needs of its customers. The issue may arise from producing oil for domestic use to exporting more oil to serve the energy issue. The government should readily carry out extensive research on other energy production alternatives to serve its population. If the emphasis can be meant on generating renewable sources instead, then several job opportunities would be created to serve the citizen in a more reliable way and also save the energy crisis.

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