Transcending Horizons: An Unforgettable Journey from New York to Maryland - Paper Example

Published: 2024-01-22
Transcending Horizons: An Unforgettable Journey from New York to Maryland - Paper Example
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Indeed have had many great days in my life. However, the most unforgettable day was the day I moved from New York to Maryland. It was a beautiful Sunday morning. I was seven years old, and I loved swimming every day after classes. My mother came home with great and exciting news. I do not recall exactly my reaction to the news, but I was happy. It was about relocating to Maryland State since she had secured an employment opportunity. Given that I was young, I lived with my mother then followed by my elder sister after she graduated. Certainly, it was the best moment in my life since I was very impatient to experience a new lifestyle. It dawned on me as I packed my necessities and said goodbye to my friends and family since it was a long trip.

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It was time to leave home and ready with our luggage my parents, grandparents, aunts, and friends set us off on the long journey to the airport. My mother called for a taxi that drove us safely to the airport. Upon arrival at the airport, we got our luggage into the trolley for checking. I saw people enjoying their first flight since we were scheduled for the third flight as many took beautiful pictures and shouted, and my excitement had no measure. I was so impatient but bid the friends with the bye in an emotional way. It was just amazing as I was anxious about getting to ride an airplane on the first day. Due to the excitement, I did not think of the impact of moving far from home, like missing family members and trying to adapt to a new culture. I just thought the moment we would descend in Maryland state.

The best moment relates to the eleventh-hour flight to Maryland as it was the most exciting part of the day. The peaceful and quiet environment was broken by the pilot sound, announcing that all passengers must fasten their seat belts as the plane would take off in a few minutes. It was a big challenge, especially when trying to put the seat belt into the lock, but thanks to my lovely mother, who helped me fix the seat belt, the plane took off. The plane flew first, rushing through the air as I watched some people sleep in their seats.

It seems like yesterday as the trees danced along with the cool wind through the green forests. We were few in the plane, and the atmosphere was merry to the extent that it shifted my mood to delight. The best part of the journey relates to the food that was served that was simple, but in reality, it was expensive. The environment throughout the journey was peaceful as it was indeed a long trip, and indeed I recall the delightful journey to date. After six hours, I felt bored with the onboard entertainment and requested my mother to play games using my tablet. I also took pleasure in looking at the beautiful scenery of different states we passed over.


I did not know when I fell asleep as I was woken up by my mother, given that we were almost approaching the landing zone. The plane finally landed at the airport, from where we drove to a beautiful hotel in the city of Maryland. The plane journey was indeed long, and it was the most unforgettable day of my life. However, moving from New York to Maryland taught me that moving could be a lot of work packing everything. Also could be sad to say goodbye to family and friends in the future. I will prepare myself better before taking that long trip on the road and think better before making that big step of moving to another state.

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