Vegetarian Advertisement Essay Sample

Published: 2022-02-22
Vegetarian Advertisement Essay Sample
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The main idea in this Ad is to persuade viewers to embrace a vegetarian lifestyle and treat animals as equal to human beings. This advert was created to remind viewers that all animals have the same parts. Just like humans, animals are made of blood, bone, and flesh and can feel pain. Animals are mistreated in slaughterhouses where they are painfully cut into pieces while they are still conscious. They feel pain, have emotions and unique personalities. Therefore they should be given proper veterinary care.

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The bone of contention stems from the fact that animals are butchered for meat while there are many available tasty and cruel- free alternatives for meat (Cherry 102). The advert contends that adopting a vegetarian advert can save the lives of many animals from the pain of going through the knife now and then. Because the animals are mostly reared for meat, they are denied everything natural and important for them. They live in filthy and overcrowded places where they feed on an unnatural diet meant to fatten and induce faster growth (Cherry 110). The ad is targeting all humans and in particular, those that are involved in animal farming. It also targets people who wholly depend on animals as their source of food; thus its main idea is to impart a sense of humanity and empathy towards ensuring animals are protected and treated with considerations. Through ad, the audience can reflect the pain that the animals undergo when being slaughtered given that they have similar body parts to human.

The elements in this Ad support the image in many ways. In this ad, the model shows off her back skin to promote the similarities between animals and humans. Her back is printed into different parts as if a butcher has tagged her for slaughter, and to show that humans and animals are made up of identical parts (Cherry 123). Therefore the advert seeks to champion animal's rights by implying that there should be equality in dealing with animals. Just as one loves the family pet dog or cat, they should do the same for chicken, pig or cows that are kept for meat. The ad is creating some level of activism as a strategy that can be used to prevent animals from going through severe pain in during slaughter. With this regards, the ad could be instilling a human sense in people to reflect on the pain that animals have to go through when being slaughtered and that is why the animal's body parts have been involved for comparison with the human body.

The ad has established a sense of activism by formulating a touchy conversation with people as well as finding common ground and conveying information through the picture to inspire action. By acknowledging that animals have the same body parts as humans, the ad enables people to reflect on the methods of slaughters that animals have to go through. Furthermore, the ad drives people to have a concern about how slaughter has been a source of pain to animals before they are killed. Animals are stunned as they get into the kill floor. The process is stunning and troubling. Pigs, for instance, are slaughtered by the use of a captive bolt pistol which rams a rod through the pig's forehead resulting in massive brain injury. It is more disturbing that the pistols are not designed to kill the pigs instantly but is intended to fasten the heartbeat of the animal for blood to be pumped from the body.

Another method of slaughter that the ad could be discouraging is the electric shock which is commonly used to stun chickens and pigs to slaughter (Broad 779). This method results in intense pain on the animals and is not fast in killing the animal. Therefore, it implies that the animal must be rendered unconscious before it is killed. Also, some pigs are stunned with carbon dioxide, and this method is accompanied by severe distress for the animals which the ad is against. In some slaughterhouses such as Kosher and halal, the animals are not stunned but must bleed to death while still conscious (Broad 781). The ad discourages cruelty towards animals, and it inspires human to be empathetic towards animals. It most importantly conveys a message intended to prevent animals from domestic abuse and other cruelty to animals such as poaching and over-harvesting of the wild population. It is a moving ad that could pull people together to put their time and money into campaigning for animal protection.

The ad is effective since, by the mentioning of the similarity of humans and animals in terms of body parts, it imparts a sense of empathy to humans, and hence they can get to consider protecting the animals by being activists or by being vegetarians. Through the ad, the plight of animals is conveyed, and this has an impact of converting many people around the world to be part of animal protection team. People who care about the animals of the earth and those who believe that animals like humans deserve the protection of their rights through the ad can inspire others to take part. Nevertheless, from the ad, the audience gets to learn that animals have similar body parts to humans hence should not be used for experimentation, entertainment, food and even for clothing. The ad, therefore, could encourage people to embrace a plant-based diet a move that can alleviate the sufferings and deaths that the animals are undergoing. Most importantly, the ad is effective in discouraging the stunning methods of slaughter that the animals have been subjected to. It imparts a sense of empathy, and thus humans get to consider the domestic animals as living things which also requires protection since they have similar body parts.

The ad is appealing for example by incorporating the images of the model and animal together, a sense of similarity between the two is achieved. The prints are made in white making it conspicuous thus can attract an audience from far distances. Models always tend to value their bodies and using a model in the ad creates the need for animals to be treated like important beings provided that they have similar body parts to humans. The message that has been printed in the ad has a lot of influence by using the body organ heart. The heart is appealing as it reflects a sense of humanity, care, and love. Moreover, when the ad emphasizes that the animals have similar organs to human, the audience is made to reflect on the kind of pain that the animals go through when being slaughtered. The ad has created a sense of empathy and concern to the animals, and through it, many people can be converted embrace vegetarian community.

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