What the Survey Will Reveal. Paper Sample

Published: 2023-01-15
What the Survey Will Reveal. Paper Sample
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The study hopes to reveal possible reasons why sportslegnd.com has been experiencing a lower customer response on the hockey sports gear. The research hopes to explain the problems that the customers present by gathering information from frequent users of the products.

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Recruiting Subjects in Quantitative Survey

Aforementioned, Spotslegend.com is an online store that majors on sports gear; in this case, to identify the target group, structured observation study on the website traffic will reveal the group that frequents the website. In this quantitative study, the respondents in the quantitative survey were chosen differently from the ones in the focus groups. For instance, the five online interviewees were selected according to their observed high covert power, which made them visit the website sportslegend.com frequently. The two offline parents were chosen according to their decision making role they had. The parents are among the ones that frequented the store to buy hockey gears for their children. The two college students were chosen because the sport is mainly played in school and the two are frequent visitors to the store.

Generalizing the Population

Generalizability in quantitative research is the extent to which we can take a broad view the findings from a sample to an entire population that the sample particularly represents (Kaden, Linda, & Prince, 2011). Different groups will be used to broadly generalize larger populations. For instance, the two students will represent the whole population of students who may be interested in shopping for hockey gears at Sportslegend.com. Thus the research will generalize to the populations of students, parents and other adults in sports as represented by the individuals used in this survey.

Relating your focus group/interview findings to your survey

The results of the focus group aids in understanding consumers as it pertains to a specific problem they faced will shopping online. The findings of the focus group can then breed insights that help develop ideas and concepts that can later be tested through the quantitative study.

Analyzation of Questionnaire

The types of questions reflect the nature of the analysis to get. From the sample questions, the category type questions will be analyzed using the frequency of the responses. For instance, the question; Did you find the type of service you were looking for? The frequency of yes responses and no are summarized using measures of central tendency; particularly the average. This is because most of the questions used are open-ended. Other issues will use ranking ratings form 1-5. 5 to represent strong agreement with something and 1 to express disagreement.

Draw Meaningful Conclusions from a Small Amount of Data?

I will attempt to draw meaningful conclusions from the small sets of data through statistical tests. For instance, there may be a need to study the patterns of how people answer the questions. For example, the answer to the questions" Did you find the service you were looking for? And how easy is it to navigate the website are negative for most of the respondents, then means that customer satisfaction is not archived.

What If the Actual Findings Differ From the Expected Findings?

If my actual findings differ from my expected results, my recommendation would be to record the outcomes and emphasize the divergence from the start. The goal of studying the divergence would thus prove that the difference results in a more challenging problem that sportslegend.com is facing.


Kaden, R. J., Linda, G., & Prince, M. (Eds.). (2011). Leading edge marketing research: 21st-century tools and practices. Sage.

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