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Global Essay Writing Contest `Make change by writing!` with a prize fund of over $2000!
Outstanding essay writing contest: the way to get a $2K prize!

Be the one out of 6 lucky scholarship winners by contributing your opinion. We live in a world of information where many prominent ideas may exist unnoticed....

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7 Tips to Gain Fluency in a New Language
From zero to hero: seven language-boosting tips

There are many benefits to multilingualism. Learning a new language is a long and painstaking process. Use these tips to make it a little easier on yourself....

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Ten Tips to Rock Your Next Semester
10 tips to study better during your next semester

Once the break is over, it is hard to return to your studies after crazy parties and movie marathons. However, the beginning of a new semester does not mean that your life has to b...

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Get 15 percent OFF by saying thanks on social media
An easy way to get 15% off - hot SpeedyPaper offer

Everyday we`re helping thousands of people get by their writing routines with flying colors. And we`ve came up with a simple option for you to save some good money with SpeedyPaper...

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Did We Miss the Start of the Learning Revolution?
Academic revolution: new self-learning ways

Education can not stay the same in the 21st century as it was during the early 1900s. Most developed countries recognize that formal education methodologies have exhausted their po...

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The Speediest of the World
Speed is your friend, as well as SpeedyPaper is!

Do you remember those times when you were sitting in the classroom desperately trying to understand why the Earth was constantly moving, how scientists were successful in defining ...

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Early to Bed, Early to Rise.
Top benefits of getting up early

Getting up has never been a pleasant experience whatsoever, but doing that after sleepless summer nights seems impossible. Here some morning mood boosters and lifehacks that can h...

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