The Case of More Government and Higher Taxes, Free Essay Sample

Published: 2018-07-26
The Case of More Government and Higher Taxes, Free Essay Sample
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American Government

It has been a long time to be remembered when the Americans gave their appreciation to the government that serves them. For the last six years, the American government has been making their citizens feel so frustrated and angry. And this is because of the cost of living that has gone up to an extent to which some of the citizens will not afford. Due to that life became worse to people more it was in 50 years ago. In that regard, some of these troubles are caused by the irreversible forces. Some years ago when the white men were in political power youths had opportunities of accessing a job even without a college degree, those good days are no more (Imam, & Jacobs, 2014). The American government keeps on insisting that the case of high tax and for more government is the promise of improving the standard of living of the nation. But the citizens could not realize the government’s venality and incompetence for decades. Therefore this topic will entirely cover about the explanation of the case of more government and high taxes and John Rawls’ response towards it.

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In such terms, the American administration went further and insisted as a way of convincing citizens that the modern capitalism history is evidenced throughout that more government leads to national wealth’s fair sharing, enhanced opportunities, and greater security (Porter, 2016). Stronger economic growth has been experienced by many countries whose government has grown the most despite the argument that the economic activities are being hindered by big governments. Therefore, to provide more public services regarding raising taxes is a great contrast to the united states as it makes the government remain small as it was in 50 years back. In that regard, the following are some of the important tasks that were laid down by the scholars such as ensuring that the spoils of growth are reaped by the Middle Americans in larger shares (King, 2016). To close the deficit opportunities caused by low-income families through investing in education, and ensure that workers economic security is bolstered.

In that case, among liberals, this agenda was more popular than conservatives. On the other the economists insisted that economic growth is harmed, to invest and work incentives are reduced by the bigger governments and higher taxes. Due to that, those larger governments and high taxes discouraged some of the Europeans from working. Even when assuming that incentives might be distorted by higher taxes, it is concluded that positive effects like giving support for mothers during labor, infrastructure, education, and health that flows from the productive investments of the government offset negative effects.

John Rawl, the modern philosopher’s response is that governments always make changes to policies and laws that affect the distribution of economic burdens and benefits in the society. In that case, whether changes are regarding health, education, industry, and tax all of them have a distribution effect. Due to that, every society has to make its choices of modifying the current policies or laws or stay with them. In that regard, the modern philosopher John Rawls said that the theory of distributive justice has its practical contribution for providing these endless choices with moral guidance. Due to that, the Libertarians objected that the unacceptable infringements on self-ownership, property rights, or liberty are involved in the Principle of difference. Such principle of difference may require that taxation should be redistributed for the benefit of the poor which was objected by the libertarians. Therefore, people from latter countries have no systematic advantage of liberties or freedoms to enjoy even if we make a comparison of those with more or less of property right exclusion.


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