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Public Administration Essay Examples & Topics

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So feel free to skim the titles, browse essays by category, or find the perfect public administration essay to mimic using the search bar. Borrow the research questions, thesis statements, core points, credible references, and more. Be creative, and don’t limit yourself to a single sample. The possibilities are endless!

Why Is Public Administration Important?

Considering the current poor state of affairs, writing a public administration essay may seem like a waste of time. But if you are ambitious enough to drive positive changes in local communities through hard work, learning more about public administration principles, methods, and operations is the best way to get your foot in the door.

Your essay on public administration may cover anything, from everyday necessities like transportation and housing issues to the worst-case scenarios of emergency management and disaster response. Public administration deals with other prominent population needs, including community healthcare, education, and law enforcement. And you can work on the policy-making or the practical implementation side of things. Either way, your research and solutions will deal with real-life problems of thousands of people that may remain forever unsolved otherwise.

Examples of Public Administration to Write About

With so many public administration activities involved in keeping the population happy and safe, how do you choose the focus of your research? Of course, you can select an issue that interests you most, but if you’re undecided, consider these avenues that are growing ever relevant:

  • Policy development. Research efficient and inefficient regulations, their development process, implementation barriers, and ways to collect population feedback to introduce policy changes.

  • Database management. As digitization takes over the public sector, more and more citizen data needs to be collected, stored, processed, and transferred. Look into security measures or machine learning and big data solutions that enable efficient decision-making for public administrators.

  • Crisis management. No one is ever prepared to handle a school shooting or a forest fire, but you can research ways to improve the handling of the worst-case scenarios to reduce the number of casualties and fatalities.

  • Local community management. Public administration at a small scale is very different from federal-level regulation. Consider how to improve housing, transportation, security, or education in your neighborhood with the help of local citizens and resources.

  • Performance analysis. Unfulfilled promises are the fastest way for politicians or local administrators to lose their posts. So look into how to track the performance efficiency of local and federal authorities.

Find Excellent Public Administration Essay Topics Here

Once you select the major research direction, narrowing the topic should be your first step to completing an essay about public administration. So take a quick look at the paper titles in our library or consider one of the relevant topics on our shortlist:

  1. Reducing race bias within the public sector employment process
  2. Analyzing public sector corruption and honesty across states
  3. Reducing burnout and resignation among frontline social workers
  4. The effect of reputational history on public sector agencies’ media coverage
  5. Building collective agency for child development and education in small communities
  6. Effective ways to promote and moderate diversity in the public sector
  7. Developing a strategic communication strategy for reputation management
  8. The development of citizens’ expectations for using government services
  9. Analyzing the performance of nonprofit organizations receiving government grants
  10. Attribution of political responsibility in hybrid public-private infrastructure ventures
  11. The connection between sexual harassment and resource dependence
  12. The effect of media coverage on bureaucratic responsiveness
  13. The connection between politicians’ effort allocation and performance data disclosure
  14. The role of nonprofit organizations in improving subjective community wellbeing
  15. Assessing the spread of boilerplate language in regulatory documentation

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