Essay Example on Internet Marketing and Its Importance

Published: 2019-02-05
Essay Example on Internet Marketing and Its Importance
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Internet marketing involves the advertising efforts that use the email and the web to drive sales through electronic commerce. Online advertising and internet marketing efforts are used hand in hand with the traditional methods of advertising such like magazines, newspapers, television, and radio. Online marketing involves the following specialized areas such as social media marketing, email marketing, and web marketing. In that connection, social marketing consists of both the efforts of marketing and advertising. Due to that, YouTube, Twitter, Face book, are the only social networking sites that are known for advertising or marketing goods in the social media marketing (Ran, &, 2016, July). Presently, these social networking sites are the most crucial ones for advertising and marketing as they facilitate and ensure that there are effectiveness and efficiency in every action taken. Next, there is email marketing which consists of both the efforts of promotional and advertising and it uses emails to pass messages to the prospective and current consumers. Also, there is web marketing where the search engine, online advertising, informative or promotional, affiliate marketing, and e-commerce websites are involved. In that regard, internet marketing is of more importance as it aligns with the purchasing decisions of the customer. Therefore, this topic will entirely cover the online marketing and its importance.

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Online marketing is of great benefit to many organizations as it allows the individuals to build relationships with prospects, and customers because of the availability of marketing reflection, low cost, and regular communication. In such terms, internet marketing is great importance to any organization's success and survival. Online marketing involves other benefits like social, Relationships, Personalization, Cost, Reach, and Convenience. Social networking is a form of internet marketing that influences consumer's decisions, in that process, they end up making sales of an enterprise to grow (Kumar, 2015). In that conjunction, for a business to achieve its set of goals it should hold online marketing campaigns where social networking is incorporated. For instance, social networking once involved it is in a position of enhancing revenue growth. In such cases, managers of all companies need to ensure that social networking which is an element of internet marketing are always involved in every organizational decision to ensure the smooth running of an enterprise and its survival.

Moreover, in building relationships, online marketing is the crucial one as it gives the platform to which consumer retention levels are established. In that case, consumer relationships come about when the customer has made the purchases from the online store. Instantly a relationship begins via communications like sending emails regarding thanking the customer and following up if the transaction was complete. In that regard due to those regular emails send to a client with personalized and special offers helps in maintaining the relationships. For that reason, with internet marketing, healthy relationships are sustained throughout. Online marketing assists in the personalization of consumer offer by building their purchasing, preferences and history profile. In such terms, it is possible for the organizational managers to track product information and web pages that the prospects visit and reflect their interest through making a targeted offer which finally results to the cross-selling planning campaigns. Internet marketing is cheap in comparison to retail outlets because they are economical, time-saving and cost efficient. Also, it is convenient to consumers as they can browse online store and place an order for any period. Therefore, all business managers are urged to engage in internet marketing as it is sufficient to the revenue growth of an organization.


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