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Published: 2018-12-04 18:14:48
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Nursing student

I am from a village called Abika, situated in the western part of Kenya, a country located in the eastern region of Africa, and I would like to be a nurse. As a nursing student, I hope to take classes in Nursing Practice and Theory, Nutrition, Chemistry, Microbiology, Anatomy and Psychology, among others. These classes will be very instrumental in not only laying a strong foundation of knowledge for me but also equipping me with the skills and aptitudes that I need so as to become a successful nurse. Currently, I am working as a caregiver at a healthcare center, and I am very proud of the hard work and commitment that I am putting in at the center. The experience I have so far gained is invaluable. My future career goals are both long term and short term. My short term career goals include successful completion of my nursing course, joining a professional nursing organization and getting a job in a hospital that supports the furthering of education. My long term goals include continually incorporating meaningful research and building my clinical skills, furthering my education to become a specialist and taking up a management role in the nursing field, as a supervisor. My primary interest is reading fictional books. Although I do not limit my reading scope, I particularly like reading fiction based on nursing. For example, I just finished reading Amy Glenn's novella, "Lions and Tigers and Nurses", a fictional text about peer-to-peer conflicts among nurses in a healthcare setting, which boldly addresses the glaring realities associated with the nursing profession. Apart from reading fiction, I also like traveling to various parts of the world.


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