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Published: 2018-02-16 06:46:26
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Professionalism is the behavior that trained people are expected to uphold while performing duties. Students of physical therapists degree are expected to uphold high professionalism due to the sensitivity of their future career where they will be expected to take care patients for instance reducing pain and teaching them on how to achieve long-term health benefits. The students are expected to uphold excellence, confidentiality, caring and accountability while they are at colleges.

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At first, the students are expected to uphold excellence and caring behavior while they are at the college. When students are at the college, they are expected to participate in all academic activities, for instance, doing assignments and sitting for exams where they are expected to pass. In addition, students are expected to uphold caring behavior, for instance, during internship they should demonstrate empathetic behaviors to patients.

Physical therapists students are also expected to uphold confidentiality and accountability. These behaviors apply when students are on internship programs. For instance, when they are at the internship, they are expected not to disclose information concerning ailments of patients. In addition, physical therapists students are expected to uphold accountability for all their activities while they at college and out of college, for instance, they should be accountable for the medication they give out to patients.

To sum it up, professionalism is vital for physical therapist students. At first, students are expected to uphold caring and excellence behavior while executing their duties while they are under internship. Caring and excellence behaviors will make sure that students execute their duties perfectly while they are at colleges. In addition, students are expected to be accountable and uphold confidentiality, whereby they should not disclose patients’ information because that would bridge the rights of patients.

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