Effects Of Globalization Essay Sample

Published: 2018-03-29
Effects Of Globalization Essay Sample
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Positive and negative effects of globalization

The effects of globalization exist as both negative and positive. However, the positive effects far much outweigh the negative effects. Understanding the concept of globalization at forehand is paramount to the discussion presented in this essay. Globalization can be considered from several perspective; commercial, leadership and governance, technology, health, cultural are all perspective from which it can be perceived. In this paper, leadership and governance, and commercial perspective are explored.

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Leadership and Governance

In the 21st century, leadership and governance has been to a larger extent considered an international issue, to an extent that leaders all over the world are in many ways guided by several international standards. Public leadership in particular has been the focal point. Leadership integrity for example is one of the universally agreed principles that are supposed to be observed by any public leader around the world. Today, many governments are internationally held accountable of every actions towards its citizens, especially those that appear to subvert internationally agreed human rights. Reward of positive rewards have also been experienced for actions that enhances these rights. Efforts to enhance effective globalized leadership and governance have been intensified in the 21st century. Evidence to support this claim include the general world peace that is fundamentally characteristic of the current century. Despite presence of civilian unrest and war in few countries around the world such as Syria, the world has remained much more at peace compared to the 20th century' besides, more efforts are pursued internationally to bring to an end the war in these few parts of the world.

Commercial Globalization

Commerce is another aspect that has since benefited through globalization. This has essentially been catapulted by the advancement in technology and innovation that has also marked the 21st century. Sea, air and rail transport has enhanced world connectivity in such a large extent that, trade between regions all over the world has basically become much more easier and affordable. The discovery of Internet technology has made information readily available to users. Furthermore, the Internet technology has further reduced the cost of transaction through innovations such as the Electronic Report System (ERS). This system in particular has reduced the cost of procurement, especially in global business transaction.

The combined effects of these two aspects of globalization have had ripple effect across various spheres of life. Cultural integration has essentially improved in the 21st century. Education quality has also improved since more and more information are readily available through the Internet. Online learning for example is an aspect that has been enabled through the use of Internet technology.

Despite the positive effects of globalization, it has also had its fair share of negative impact. Among the most notable effects include cultural erosion. Cultural integration has resulted into many cultures around the world being eroded, which to a larger extent has only served to bring conflict, especially from the side that feels its culture has been eroded. Nevertheless, the effects of globalization are set to increase especially as the world progresses to a more knowledge and technology driven economy.

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