Mobile Application Benefits Essay Sample

Published: 2018-02-12
Mobile Application Benefits Essay Sample
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The word App is an abbreviation of application. It is commonly used to refer to a program that is downloaded on a mobile phone, tablet or any other device that supports applications. Apps are downloaded to help accessing some services on the digital devices such as mobile phones and tablets. In the current world, almost everything has become digital. People are migrating from the use of computers which are seen as cumbersome to carry everywhere to the use of i phones and tablets which can be carried everywhere. The mobile Apps have become very essential in our day to day activities. Businesses have turned to the use of apps in marketing goods and services. For instance, in the modern world, you can hire a taxi from the comfort of your house. You only need to download the uber app and request for a taxi. In addition, you can pay for the taxi using an app. Apart from hiring a taxi, Apps can help one to book an hotel from the comfort of one's house. With all these services available on the mobile phone or tablet, businesses have grown. Currently, for any business to be successful, one needs to develop an app for the business. People no longer go to malls to do their shopping. Shopping is done through an app. For instance, I recently wanted to purchase a laptop. I did not have to any shopping mall to get myself a laptop. I went to my phone, downloaded an app which I used to order for a laptop. The laptop was delivered to my house in two hours. This is what Apps are capable of doing. Some of the benefits of using an app in any business include; increasing accessibility, connecting from customers from all over the world, increasing customer loyalty among much more. I believe that apps have become a cornerstone for any business. In my country, mobile banking has become very essential. This is as a result of the use of apps which one downloads and uses to do mobile banking. I submit that the use of apps saves time. Therefore, apps help people to save time and not to waste time. I stand to be corrected. Apps are very beneficial to all. They cut across all manner of businesses and services that can be offered in the world of business. The use of apps have enabled the world of business to advance into higher levels. This is evident through the numerous apps that have been developed by various business people and companies. I believe that the use of apps has enabled people who have no time to go shopping in the malls to have an alternative way of shopping. This is indeed an advancement in the world of business. Through the use of apps, various institutions especially the learning institutions have been able to develop learning apps where their students can access the relevant materials for their study. I conclude that apps help people to safe time and not to waste it.

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