Author's Voice in Song of Myself by Walt Whitman, Literary Essay Example

Published: 2022-02-18
Author's Voice in Song of Myself by Walt Whitman, Literary Essay Example
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Scholars do say that the confidence and power in the voice you use to describe yourself tells much about your self-esteem. "Song of Myself," a poem by Walt Whitman is a living example of how the author described herself with a lot of surety and confidence in her voice where he appreciates the kind of person. Also, there is evidence of the use of teacherly and preaching sound. The choice of language used in this poem is also conducive and pleasing to the reader. Thus, there is a need to clearly illustrate the choice of word used in this work, the type of personality that the author's voice reveals and its application in my tense emotion and when I am angry.

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Preaching voice comes with a lot of authority, confidence and surety of what one is saying; therefore, the author use of such sound is a clear indication that he is a self-regard person who is very sure and believes in what he is saying for instance "I hasten to tell him or her it is just as lucky to die." Also, the power and confidence in the voice of the author while describing himself is an evidence of high self-esteem individual for example when he said "I celebrate myself and sing myself, and what I assume you shall assume," (Whitman, 2017) those words are an excellent example of that she never cared of what other people would say about him.

The author used figurative language appropriately in his work, something that makes this poem to be pleasing to the readers. For example, in section 52 of the poem, there is the use of metaphor and personification. "Spotted hawk" in the first line is personified by it "accuses him" (Whitman, 2017) and also in few lines later Whitman applies the metaphor of how the rooftops image stands in for the entire earth, and she cited, "the rooftops of the world."

It is said that the pitch of one's voice changes with emotion. Therefore, having seen how the author uses the high tone of voice in most situation something that I describe as preaching sound, my voice pitch will tend to differ from his when experiencing tense emotion because mine will be low and some extent it will be even unclear of what it means (Lynch, 2015). However, when I am angry such trait of high pitch appropriately fit the situation.

In conclusion, I found this poem pleasing and educative especially on good writing styles such as the use of figurative languages like the metaphor and personification. Also, I like how the poem speaker not only speaks on his behalf but also for all humankind, praising the wonder and joy of experiencing nature, especially, how he enjoys the amalgamation of his spiritual and physical selves.


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