Asking Mr. Bill for an A, an Argumentative Essay Sample

Published: 2017-11-09
Asking Mr. Bill for an A, an Argumentative Essay Sample
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Dear Mr. Bill,

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I. Thesis - I humbly request for a transformation on my grade into an A.

II. I would like to have clear arguments as to why you think that I gave you a bad grade and also evidence that prove that I should give you an A.

a. I am quite cautious when it comes to my professional ethics as an instructor. It, therefore, becomes difficult for me to change you grade, However, if you have substantive proof or argument on why I should give you the grade, then I will have to consider. I would advise you to resubmit your paper for a remark and critical analysis for you to have a higher grade if you really performed as expected. I assure you that I will be pleased when your claims are justifiable as I often wish success for my students. I do not want you to fail but you really have to present evidence that you did well in your work for me to give you an A. Also, I don’t find pleasure in denying marks to my students’ marks that in know that they have really worked hard to attain. I also want you to consider the possibility of obtaining low marks when revision is done.

b. A good GPA is an important aspect of academic excellence. According to my extensive research, the present grade in the subject has pulled back my GPA which means that I will have to redo the subject; an option that I perceive to be unnecessary. It is not that I had not read for my exams or failed to comprehend the concepts, but the set exam was difficult hence decreasing my chance of getting an A. My appeal is for you to analyze the content taking the examination questions into account. I performed well in my quizzes and assignments such that I even did extra work on the assignments due to the commitment that I had employed on the subject. In other words, the final exam did not match up to the expected standards of the course outline and other objectives presented at the beginning of the term regarding the subject. Therefore, I find it necessary for you to factor in these aspects and considered to give me an A.

c. At the beginning of this term, I set a personal goal to attain an A in all grades. I also promised to make by parents proud by scoring high grades. Unfortunately, I have had a series of bad grades. Another bad grade would, therefore, be very disappointing for both my parents and to me. I had spent sleepless nights reading and analyzing concepts in this subject and had the personal assurance that I would excel. Be that as it may, I am concerned about my grade in your class. As you might have noted, I have made several improvements and changes on my grades this term compared to the previous term. I recall your impressive compliments on my assignments as you stated that you were quite stunned with my work, and urged me to continue putting more effort. Your words motivated me to work harder, as mirrored by my performance in the quizzes and assignments. You always encourage us to work hard and to do more research if we want to succeed; words that I stuck to throughout this term. Furthermore, you always assert that it is important to notice our efforts rather than just what is presented in writing. Most remarkably, my marks on the subject improved compared to the previous results. I, therefore, plead for your consideration to give me an A.

III. I assure you that I am reevaluating you r work as per you request. However, I hope that you are open-minded about the entire process as you may get a lower grade. Furthermore, there were times that you were absent from some of our classes and therefore, possibly, you missed out on some content.

IV. However, my efforts and improvements on the subject increase my credibility for obtaining an A. I put more effort on the subject, and I know that you were impressed with my improvements in the assignments. Similarly, the pressure that I am facing at home concerning my previous results is also overwhelming. I made a promise to my parents that I will perform better this term hence my relentless sacrifices to improve my GPA. Therefore, I find it necessary to be granted an A. Your consideration in giving me an A in your subject means the world to me. I believe that I have worked hard enough and prepared well by covering the entire syllabus, as well as the extensive practice that I endured. I am therefore requesting this grade not because you are unfair, but because I believe that I deserve it. Finally, what I am asking may be a little too much but it is within your boundaries and your kindness. I apologize for any inconveniences caused by taking your time off your busy schedule and most importantly thank you for the consideration.

V. Continue requesting Mr. Bill for an A! Keep pressing and pressing on without quitting.

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