Essay Example: 2002 - 2004 Advertisements

Published: 2023-05-02
Essay Example: 2002 - 2004 Advertisements
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Emotional motivators, when used by companies, could lead to huge payoffs, and this is a strategy in marketing that many car manufacturers have mastered. In 2002-2004, for example, Ford Corporation, through its new model of cars, Ford Falcon, applied the use of emotional motivators to lure customers into buying this product. In the 2002 Falcon advert, Ford partially introduced emotional motivators through the description of the car as being sporty, an element preferred by many buyers, and also describing the car to have no boundaries. Another key motivator used in this advert was the aspect of intelligent safety measures, which was meant to assure the users of this car of real-time safety while driving.

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In the 2004 subsequent advertisement of the Ford Falcon BA, the company further connected with emotional motivators in its advertisement through the description of the car to have a powerful engine and a six-P gear to show how fast the car could go. One of the emotional motivators that they connected within the advert was 'standing out from others,' where the car is presented as a luxurious and sporty car that stands out from the other models and brands. This connection to the emotional motivators such as happiness, confidence in the future, standing out from the crowd and feeling secure. The company assured the customers of consistency, and that gives them a sense of security that what they have today will be there tomorrow in terms of after-sales services. Besides, the advert presented the car to make the future better than the past, and this helped in connecting with the emotional motivation of having confidence in the future.

The tri-component attitude model is composed of the knowledge component, feeling and emotional component, and action component. In this advert, all three components unfolded before, during, and after the advertisement. The knowledge component is when the brand informed the audience of the product features and some of the key benefits that would come alongside the product. The information is key in determining the attitude of the consumers, and framing it in an appealing manner like done by the advertisement of Ford Falcon was key. That would then result in the feelings by the customers that can either be happiness, surprise, or excitement (emotional component). The action concept is when now the customer decides either to buy or not to buy the product, and this entirely depends on the first two components. Ford Falcon AV advertisement properly used the tri-component attitude model, and it helped in luring many customers into buying the product.

2019 Advertisements

In the 2019 advertisements by Ford, there are various emotional motivators that have been used. Firstly, in the 2019 Ford Escape Ad, they have perfectly used happiness as an emotional motivator where the kid is seen to be happy with the adventure they experience through the car. The model is an off-road car and is big enough to accommodate a family for adventures. This aspect brings an element of happiness within the family as they can tour the world and have an adventure in many parts of the world. Besides, it makes one feel like being outstanding, among others, since the car offers features that are unique, like the camping pack that is placed on top of it.

Another emotional motivator that has been used in the 2019 adverts is the appealing design of the car. The Ford Mustang has an emotionally appealing design that is attractive through its sporty and sleek look. Ford has always suffered from the perception that their cars have weak and unattractive styling, but in this advert, we see a totally different thing that changes the perception and triggers the emotions of customers.

Another emotional motivator used in these adverts is excitement and confidence. The 2019 Ford Escape advert portrays that individuals have a lot of excitement through their experience with the car. Ford Escape is an off-road SUV, and it confidently runs on all kinds of terrains without any fear. This brings on the element of confidence for the customers.

The 2019 adverts have used the tri-component model by first, the knowledge component where the customers are Enlighted on the key features of the car through video and explanations. The feeling and emotional component were also incorporated in the adverts where the happiness in the family is shown through their experience of using the Ford Escape for their adventure, which the car seems to deliver perfectly. The emotions of happiness and confidence drive customers to make the decision to purchase the car, and this brings it to the final stage of the tri-component, which is the active component.

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