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The Many Facets of Writing an Essay on Leadership Styles

For a long time, the best minds thought leadership was an innate trait, specific to the select few of royal or aristocratic bloodlines. However, as our philosophical and psychological knowledge advanced, new leadership theories emerged, supported by hard evidence. And while we still have no definitive answers on how leaders are made, writing a leadership style essay is an exciting and useful experience. Researching this subject for any class is sure to bring you valuable knowledge and soft skills you can use long after graduation in any field or position.

Despite the common misconception, an essay about leadership style is not exclusive to Business School classes. You can twist this concept to fit any course if you’re creative enough. For example, History students can compare leadership styles of different historical personalities, and World Lit majors can research leadership skills in literary characters. If you know how to write a leadership style essay, it can work for Philosophy, Psychology, Neuroscience, Gender Studies, Sociology, and other classes. Our extensive library of samples is proof of that.

How to Write a Leadership Style Essay with SpeedyPaper Samples

If you believe that after you’ve seen one leadership style essay example, you’ve seen them all, you couldn’t be more wrong. Scroll down the long list of our samples, and you’ll notice how diverse and exciting they are. We cherry-pick our database entries to be inspiring and creative. So even if you have no idea which direction to take with your leadership style essay, you’ll settle on the topic after a quick search through our collection.

We also have your leadership research needs covered. If you scroll down to the bottom of the leadership style essay example page, you’ll find citation info and a reference list. You can use the former to cite our sample and the latter to find credible publications on your chosen topic. With such a head start, it will be much easier to find additional sources in your school library or online databases. And if that seems like too much work, mine two or three examples for sources to gather enough references for your assignment (three to five are enough for most professors).

The title and reference list aren’t the extent of a leadership style essay example usefulness. If you look beyond the words to the structure underneath, you can breeze through the outlining stage of pre-writing, too. Focus on the hook and thesis statement in the first passage, the topic sentences, evidence, and transitions throughout the body paragraphs, and the final thoughts in the conclusion. Alter them to fit your assignment, and your pre-writing routine will be complete, leaving only the writing and editing steps.

Word of caution: Be careful if you choose the easy way out of writing a leadership style essay and use one of our samples as your model. First, a plagiarism checker might flag your work if you’re not thorough enough with your paraphrasing. So be creative and attentive, and remember to cite your sources. Second, most samples in our collection are generous donations by college students. We don’t know the grades these works received, and we don’t edit or proofread them before publishing. You need to stay on the lookout for typos and errors and keep them from sneaking into your work.

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