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What Is Nursing Leadership?

Nursing leadership comprises a skill and trait set required to inspire and motivate nursing staff to achieve their highest potential and fulfill personal and organization-wide goals. Nurse leaders are not only role models for the team working under their guidance but also critical administrators that help establish the role, duties, and objectives for individual healthcare workers and divisions of different levels. Nursing leadership roles include shift and ward nurses, administrators, managers, etc. And their influence on healthcare quality and outcomes, as well as patient satisfaction rate, is as critical as their effect on employee performance and satisfaction parameters.

Why Is Leadership Important in Nursing?

Leadership is the cornerstone of success in any industry or organization, including nursing. The Covid-19 pandemic demonstrated the drawbacks and limitations of the existing healthcare approach and protocols. And it’s thanks to nursing leaders that national healthcare systems did not fall apart but continued to operate under severe overloads and lack of resources. Nursing leadership is among the key factors contributing to successful patient healthcare outcomes, fast adaptation to new realities, and ongoing operation of healthcare organizations during a crisis. The role of nurse leaders cannot be exaggerated or overestimated.

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