Abstinence versus Sex Education - Articles Review Essay Example

Published: 2022-09-16
Abstinence versus Sex Education - Articles Review Essay Example
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Abstinence versus sex education

The article highlights that the United States has the highest number of teenage pregnancy and sexually transmitted disease among the developed countries. However, the response to the issue is difficult and provide a greater focus on critical measures that can help achieve a high level of success. The existing approaches are based on sex education and abstinence which can help define a positive understanding among teens. Legislations have focused on providing abstinence-based programs. The legislation prohibits the sharing of information regarding contraception. The study evaluated the sex education laws and policies that have been implemented across all the states.

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The findings showed that despite the funding for the abstinence programs have been unable to control the increasing teenage pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases. Comprehensive sex education is more efficient. Talking with teenagers about sex will not encourage them but ensure that they are highly informed and understand the existing risks so that they can protect themselves. Sex education is informative and provides a greater focus on better processes that define positive change. Abstinence from sex programs does not provide individuals with answers regarding the dangers of sex but focus on morality and social ethics which creates a significant gap in knowledge teenage understanding of crucial issues regarding sex.

The article has provided a clear focus on the need to adopt comprehensive sex education than abstinence. The objective of the study is clear, and it has provided a critical understanding of essential requirements that help achieve a better level of social development. The analysis has provided a strategic understanding of important elements where it is possible to understand why sex education is significant. The data that has been considered has not integrated a key sample size which can be depended upon to provide better solutions regarding the best method in engaging teens.

Carter, D. (2012). Comprehensive sex education for teens is more effective than abstinence. AJN The American Journal of Nursing, 112(3), 15.

The study highlights that fundamental processes have been put in place where it is essential to implement critical concepts that define social development within society. Abstinence until marriage measures do not provide a clear emphasis on the real issues and the changes within the society. The government's decision to provide funding for abstinence-only programs was politically motivated without a focus on essential philosophical concepts which help define a greater understanding of important elements where children and teen can be effectively engaged.

The article highlights that comprehensive behavior identifies key measures that limit early teenage pregnancy and unprotected sex. Many professional organizations have testified against funding abstinence-based programs and help diversify programs to integrate comprehensive sex education. Primary education is obligatory within society and provides a greater understanding of essential elements which have been crucial in giving a greater social environment. Children need to learn crucial aspects that are associated with current issues. Sex education is necessary for building children knowledge about sex which is a serious issue that is being avoided.

The study has provided a better understanding of potential developmental effects of abstinence-only sex education. The study objective is evident and helps create a strong emphasis on significant changes which give a profoundly transformed individual development within the society. However, the study has not focused on researched data where it is difficult to determine the accuracy of the information that has been shared in the survey. Research information provides a greater understanding of better measures which define positive change regarding sex education.

Diamond, M., & Beh, H. G. (2008). Abstinenceonly sex education: potential developmental effects. human_ontogenetics: an international journal of interdisciplinary developmental research, 2(3), 87-91.

The knowledge gap regarding the understanding of essential elements that define the knowledge of abstinence-only sex education. The changes within the society have ensured that their development of significant factors that determine better focus on sexual activities. Young people are engaging in sex, and there is no need to emphasis on failing approaches which provide a key focus in positive concepts that can help them secure their lives from sexually transmitted diseases and early pregnancies. Sexual education provides an understanding of critical measures that help define affirmative programs that define social development.

The existing knowledge gap about sex within the society among teens needs to be solved through the development of positive character among individuals because they have a clear understanding of existing changes. The authors stress that sex education is a moral policy that includes better outcomes where it is possible to define individuals lives and communities. United states sexual behavior is not highly pronounced where key measures have been implemented to provide positive change/.

The findings that have been discussed on the articles have provided a better understanding on the underlying knowledge gaps where it is possible to maintain a higher evaluation of key measurements which help define the need to provide primary education that determine successful integration of better outcomes. Thus, there is a need to integrate better strategies that can ensure that children have a clear understanding of better measures that define positive development. However, the manner in which information has been developed does not outline better actions that define successful setting where teens know sex and its influence on their well-being.

Hindman, D. B., & Yan, C. (2015). The knowledge gap versus the belief gap and abstinence-only sex education. Journal of health communication, 20(8), 949-957.

Abstinence-only communities do not help outline strategic concepts which help identify better measures that define change. Texas is one of the states that have integrated only abstinence-based policies. The successful ideas that help determine positive change where it better actions which define robust change process that focuses on actual information. These programs that have been put in place define successful individual education where the outcomes in the society the integration of favorable policies are Benfica and help outlined. Better social outcomes are based on a strong emphasis on critical concepts which define positive change.

Healthcare professional has an important role where better outcomes that help understand the existing challenges and lack of understanding on the critical success of successful information makes it possible to concentrate on integrating key measures that define positive development. Sex is a contentious issue where key outcomes can be evaluated and help shape successful change. Conservative communities tend to focus on traditional values and cultural concepts which emphasis on abstinence. However, their s need to create a varying level of focus on integrating positive outcomes.

The article is very efficient especially considering the underlying stereotypes that are associated with sexual and critical outcomes. It is more comfortable based on the available study on the different perception regarding significant social development with all positive values which are essential in creating a highly diverse concept which integrates key measures that help define proper rules that can assist in developing a common comprehensive process. However, the information that has been outlined is based on underlying values that help improve knowledge on sex and how it integrates successfully on the existing individual's needs where it is better to describe significant learning and developmental objective.

Brice, L. M. (2012). Sex and the City: Developing a Comprehensive Sex Education Program for a Very Conservative "Abstinence Only" Community. Journal of Obstetric, Gynecologic, & Neonatal Nursing, 41(s1), S2-S2.

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