Essay Sample on eCommerce In Asia and Europe

Published: 2017-11-29
Essay Sample on eCommerce In Asia and Europe
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In Asia, and Europe, the adoption of technology is relatively high and this is evidenced by the growth of the ecommerce systems, websites or online retail shops. For example, Samsung through various e commerce companies such as Amazon and Alibaba has been able to drive market growth and revenue in the Asian market and other emerging markets because the online retail allow the company to market to all market segments which is costly in other markets. The company has leveraged online purchase and free shipment offered by the dealerships to market to people across the world from its major warehouses. The online brand stores has also helped Samsung to sell her products are predetermined retail prices. The authorized distributors and sellers have helped the company to minimize chances of predatory discount. In conclusion, Samsung seems to have a standardized distribution strategy in Asia, U.S, and Europe as it continues to invest on both traditional distribution channels which is further enhanced by the burgeoning ecommerce system. The use of authorized distribution and branded retail stores and websites has helped the company to realize greater pricing parity in the major and emerging markets.

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