Essay Sample. Annotated Webliography

Published: 2023-03-04
Essay Sample. Annotated Webliography
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The webliography will focus on five major consumer health issues, HIV/AIDS, chronic diseases, depression, Health, and drug abuse. Google was the search engine used in looking for the websites. In all cases, the critical terms used include consumer health Care, chronic diseases, HIV/AIDs, depression, and drug abuse. The school module provided website evolution tools.

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Health Care

The Website provides information about the need to have a complementary health care approach. The approach is one of the steps taken by the majority of the people in establishing a better living. Complementary health approaches are the ones that are provided outside the medical mainstream. The article explains the best ways to get the most reliable complementary health approaches. This Website is a constant source; it contains information and supports them with enough pieces of evidence. It also provides a link to other health research done about complementary health care approaches. Furthermore, it the official Website of the National Institute of Health (NIH), which is the health institute of the USA. Such an institute retrieves their information from reliable sources and takes time to analyze the data because the majority of people depend on their knowledge. Generally, the information from this Website is conclusive, and one can rely on them. The intended audience of the Website is the American citizens and everyone around the world who can read and write English. The language is simple and understandable to everyone, even the ones who are not medical practitioners.

The Website talks about the challenges to major consumer concerns in the world today. After opening the article, significant concerns are highlighted. Such matters include financial risks, among others. It is the official Website of "Managed Health Executive"; therefore, it has authority. Additionally, information is listed by professionals and not by bloggers whose aim at making money; this makes information reliable. On the other hand, there are also other minimal adverts hence more focused on objectives. Finally, the audience is anyone who can read the English language.

The Website addresses the relationship between income and individual Health. It argues that poor people are more affected by Health due to the cost of healthcare. It is the official Website of the health affairs institute that discusses various issues related to Health. Therefore, it has authority since it is specialized to Health only. The information comes from multiple types of research conducted; thus, they are more reliable. The language is simple and understandable by everyone. Most details contain American data; therefore, the audiences are the American people.

Chronic Infections

Upon opening the Website, the reader will find various information about chronic infections it highlights major chronic problems in America and all other parts of the world. The Website also establishes ways to deal with multiple chronic diseases. The Website is a reliable source because it is the official Website of the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This is a government institution, and the information given out is from the best-qualified researchers and physicians. There is also clarity on the Website; the data has the overview, introduction, method of research, and findings. Each subset of information is explicitly linked such that there is easy access. Finally, the Website is useful since they contain detailed information about chronic problems. The audience of this Website includes everyone who can read the English language.

Upon opening the article, various details on chronic infections are highlighted; the material also provides for ways to deal with such problems. Researches done by the article gives it the ability to command authority. Additionally, it has detailed information on studies done; hence, the details are reliable. The Website also specializes in chronic infection issues; therefore, the data is also dependable. Finally, the language used is understandable and straightforward, therefore, the information given is for every audience who understands the language.

The Website highlights various causes of chronic infections and how to deal with it. Therefore, it addresses people without the disease, and those with it and want have to deal with it. The Website contains all research journals done by the institute; therefore, they are reliable information. Moreover, the method of data analysis is dependable since the methods used are scientifically approved; this also gives the website authority. Finally, the Website's last update was 2018; hence, it is a dependable source.

Drug Abuse

After opening the Website, the information about commonly abused drugs is highlighted. Alcohol and Cigarettes are considered to be a popular drug among elders and youths. Emerging trends in drugs such as vaping and its effect on individual health are discussed. With that much information, the Website is a dependable source. Additionally, it is an official website for the National Institute of Drug Abuse; therefore, it has authority. The Website is the latest since it addresses the trends of drugs and has the most recent updates in 2019. The intended audience of this article is the general audience. The trainers and counselors of drug abusers can also depend on it on highlighting various effects of drug abuse. Moreover, the site emphasizes research; hence, one can be able to read and understand various issues related to the Website.

The Website discusses opioids one of the over counter drugs commonly used by consumers, especially the ones in the USA. The drug affects consumer's Health because of it expensive to do away with its addiction. The Website's authority is assured since the information comes from the high qualified authors. Moreover, it addresses everyone who is affected by the drug and people who have a curiosity to know about its addiction. It is objective since it has actual results done in real-time. Researches done are current; therefore, it is recent.

The article explains what drug abuse is and how people abuse drugs without their knowledge. The authors are a doctorate professional; therefore, the document has authority. It also has various statistical information, both fast hand and second hand, this shows its objectivity and accuracy. The language used is simple and understandable; hence, it addresses everyone. The last website review is 2019; thus, it is current.


The Website gives detailed information about the history and also recognizes various misconceptions associated with HIV/AIDS. It is the official webpage for Avert, an institution that provides information about HIV/ AIDS; therefore, it has authority. The history is given associated with various historical facts; hence, this proves accuracy. With its simplicity and explicit details, one understands that the Website addresses everyone who knows English and wants to know about HIV/AIDs history. Moreover, the history lines run until the year 2018; therefore, one is assured that the information given is current.

The article addresses vital facts about HIV/AIDS and highlights various symptoms and signs of the infection. It is the official Website of the World Health Organization (WHO); hence, it has authority. The Website addresses everyone who can read English since anyone can be affected. Finally, the Website was written in 2019; accordingly, it has very recent information.

The Website covers the relationship between HIV and the cost of living, among other social problems. It addresses people close to the one infected as well as the one affected to make them understand the challenges they are expected to face. The authors are qualified psychologists, and this assures accuracy and authority to the reader. It also has detailed information about the infection, therefore, making it dependable. It also includes 2018 data; thus, one know how current the information is.


The Website explains what depression is and how they affect individuals. Accuracy is assured by the detailed researches and statistical evidence brought about by the authors. Simplicity, in language, clarifies that the authors aimed at addressing everyone who understands English. There is detailed information about the topic hence makes it a dependable source. The authors are professionals in the field, and this gives the Website the authority to have authority. Finally, it was written in 2017, and this shows how current the Website is.

The article explains that one can be affected by depression without their knowledge and how it influences individual behaviors. It is the official Website for the American Psychiatric Association; hence, this gives it the authority. Such an institution is always accurate; consequently, this makes the information dependable. Simplicity and explicate knowledge makes one understand that the data is for everyone who can read English. The data was delivered in 2017 hence makes the Website a recent one.

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