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Lord of the Flies Essay Examples & Ideas: Things You Need to Know

Calendar icon Date: 1954

Theatrical masks Genre: Allegorical novel, Psychological fiction

Author icon Author: William Golding

William Golding photo

Character icon Characters: Ralph, Piggy, Jack, Simon, Roger, Sam, and Eric

Base icon Based on: Golding's experiences during World War II and the inherent savagery of humanity

Symbol icon Symbols: The conch shell (order and civilization), Piggy's glasses (intellect and reason), The Lord of the Flies (the innate evil within humanity)

Influence icon Influence: The novel was influenced by the events of World War II and the growing concerns about the inherent nature of humans and the potential for savagery.

Book icon Plot: After their plane crashes, a group of British schoolboys becomes stranded on an uninhabited island. Initially cooperating to survive, their attempts at establishing order quickly devolve into chaos and savagery as their primal instincts take over.

Fact icon Interesting facts:

Check mark icon 20 publishers initially rejected Lord of the Flies before being published.

Check mark icon The novel was Golding's first work of fiction.

Check mark icon The original title was Strangers from Within.

Check mark icon The book has been adapted into several film and stage productions.

Check mark icon The character Piggy's real name is never revealed.

Check mark icon Golding received the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1983, largely due to the impact of Lord of the Flies.

Check mark icon The character of Simon was inspired by Golding's son, David.

Quote icon Quotes: 

Check mark icon Ralph cried over lost innocence, the shadow in humanity's heart, and the tragic fall of his loyal, wise companion Piggy.

Check mark icon The fact is, fear cannot harm you more than a mere dream.

Check mark icon We mimicked adult actions; where did we fail?

Check mark icon Slaughter the Pig. Slit its throat. Let its blood flow.

Check mark icon The most profound notions are often the most straightforward.

Check mark icon The world, once comprehensible and orderly, started to fade away.

Exclamation mark icon Why is this topic important: Lord of the Flies remains an important topic because it explores the fundamental nature of humanity and the thin line between civilization and savagery. The novel forces readers to confront uncomfortable questions about human nature and reminds them of the potential dangers that can arise when societal order breaks down.

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