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Why Students Still Write Essays on World War 2

The Second World War is considered one of the most destructive and bloody in the history of humankind. Besides, 62 states out of 74 existing at that time took part in the hostilities. Thus, more than 80% of all humanity has felt all the negative consequences of the global conflict to one degree or another. Moreover, more than 75 million people died in battles or suffering from hunger and disease, and the majority were not soldiers.

Given the impact of military conflict on the entire world, historians describe the period of hostilities in Europe, Asia, and Africa as a dark time in the history of humankind. Most educational institutions worldwide study the prerequisites, general features of war, and its consequences for all countries. That is why you should prepare yourself for the fact that you have to write an essay about a war or a certain military encounter. This topic is very relevant, and you will have no problem finding information about certain historical events.

How to Write WW2 Essays in Eight Steps

Let's pretend you need to write an essay but don't know where to start. Don't panic. Here are eight steps you should follow. Try to be attentive, and you will not make any mistakes.

Understand the Concept of Your Paper

The first thing you need to understand is the concept of your assignment. For example, will you describe military actions, historical facts, or consequences that the war caused to most countries? Most likely, you should clarify all the details with your professor in advance to avoid making mistakes when creating an essay about World War 2.

Choose a Good Topic

Nothing simplifies your workflow like choosing a good topic. The fact is that there are many interesting battles, political decisions, pacts, and coalitions that you can write about. But don't forget that your World War essay will be 500-1000 words in most cases. Therefore, it would help if you did not choose a tricky topic or events with little historical information, as you will have to spend too much time on research.

Select and Read Your Sources

The next step is to search for credible sources. Typically, you can ask your professor about books, studies, or articles you can rely on. Then, put together all facts so you can quickly find data and back up your claims.

Come Up With a Thesis Statement

Don't forget that your thesis is the basis for your paper. Form the main goals and methods of communicating your point of view by describing facts or providing important data. Imagine that your statement is the spire that holds the flag. Will it withstand the gusts of wind?

Outline the Structure of Your Paper

Your outline will allow you to structure all parts of your essay. Remember that you have three main parts: introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. Think of it like your skeleton to help structure all of your ideas. By the way, you can even make small notes in each part of your outline so that you don't forget about important data.

Write the First Draft

Start with a rough draft so you can edit the parts that you feel are weak. Also, don't start your paper with an intro. Instead, write three key paragraphs to organize your data and make a good introduction and conclusion afterward.

Use Transition Words Between the Paragraphs

The description of military events, pacts, or strategic decisions of generals can look like a collection of facts about the Second World War. Use transition words to combine all the data and make your story flow smoothly. This solution will allow you to organize your thoughts and successfully combine a set of facts, depending on the topic.

Proofread Your Paper

Let's say you've finished writing your essay and made the last paragraph. Does this mean that the work is complete and you can rest? Unfortunately, you could have made grammar or spelling mistakes or failed to mention some aspects. Reread each part because you can rephrase or improve any weak sentences. Alternatively, you can read each paragraph aloud to analyze better your style and the facts provided.

Use Free World War 2 Essay Samples or Ask For Help

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When was World War 2?

This war began on September 1, 1939, when Hitler's army attacked Poland. This date is considered the beginning of active hostilities. Germany wanted to expand its territory of influence in Eastern Europe and make a buffer zone between the USSR and its borders.

How and when did World War 2 end?

The official date for the end of the war was September 2, 1945, when representatives of Japan signed an act of surrender aboard the USS Missouri.

How many people died in World War 2, including civilians?

Historians believe that in all the years of hostilities, approximately 75 million people died, and more than half of them were civilians.

How many Americans died in World War 2 on all fronts?

In total, more than 12 million Americans died during active hostilities. These are the largest losses the American army has ever faced.

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