Essay Example. Channels of Communication and Corporate Social Responsibility

Published: 2023-05-01
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The main channels of communication that I use regularly are oral communication, electronic communication, mobile communication, and written communication. My favorite electronic means of communication are social media platforms and emails. Usually, the content of my message determines the choice of communication channels. The reason is that some piece of information requires privacy, while others do not. As an example, I always prioritize mobile means of communication in relaying more complex and private messages.

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I have had several cases of misunderstanding with my work colleagues and friends. A few months ago, I called James via a mobile phone to inquire why he was late for a group assignment. My message was: "Hey, I have noticed that you have taken a long break this afternoon, where are you?" However, I noted that James interpreted it as an attack because, to him, I used a disapproving tone. Besides the misinterpretation of the message, the channel of communication also contributed to this misunderstanding. This situation best explains the authors' idea that differing perceptions are a barrier to effective communication (Neck et al., 2020). The literature has also shown that misconception and confusion occur whenever people have differing perceptions in interpreting messages. In addressing the issue, I used face-to-face communication to enhance the clarity of the message. Neck et al. (2020) said complex messages require richer means of communication that ensures clarity by facilitating interaction.

Burt's Bees and Wells Fargo are examples of organizations that have demonstrated positive and negative social responsibility, respectively. Burt's Bees is committed to sustainable business practices. As an example, it makes natural personal care products to maximize the well-being of its consumers. Also, it has only been using environmentally sensitive materials to package its products. This aspect is economic responsibility since Neck et al. (2020) said it involves striking a balance between environmental and business practices. In Wells Fargo, there was a scandal where the company was opening and closing fake accounts as a way to meet its sales target and also get more bonuses (Cohan, 2017). This situation is a negative ethical responsibility since it involves failure to act upon values, principles, and standards within the banking industry. As a way to resolve the issue, Congress compelled the company to develop policies according to industry best practices and legal requirements (Cohan, 2017).


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Neck, C. P., Houghton, J. D., & Murray, E. L. (2020). Organizational behavior: A skill-building approach. Los Angeles: SAGE.

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