Free Essay about Christians, Muslims and the Liberation of the Holy Land

Published: 2019-12-11
Free Essay about Christians, Muslims and the Liberation of the Holy Land
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The article The Christians, Muslims and the Liberation of the Holy Land by Penny Cole explores the invasion of the city of Jerusalem and the terrible murder of thousands of inhabitants by the army led by Robert the Monk and Benedictine the prior of Senuc. The article described some of the achievements of the army during the destruction of Jerusalem city in what most historians term as the First Crusade. The army which was called the Crusaders captured the city of the Holy Christ and murdered many people. The author of the article comes up with a view of the incidence terming it holy war justified by God to his own people. Jerusalem was the city of God but was attacked by the crusaders. In this regard, the authors thesis in writing this article is that the crusaders attack on the city of Jerusalem was a Holy war justified by God. The author elaborates some of the reasons behind his assertion stating and citing some crucial historical occurrences particularly in the Western Europe and other regions of the world.

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The authors main points of argument revolve around the historical occurrences in Europe particularly in the religious setups. He talks of the Popes view of the church and the idea of liberty in the church. The other way in which the author argues is political based in that the crusaders invasion was facilitated by the interest in expansion of Turkish territory. The article studies the organization, the attacks and the preaching of the crusaders against the Islam to ensure recovery of the Holy Land to ensure Christendom as well as ensure its maintenance under the domination by Christians. According to the author, the goal of the invasion was purely to liberate Christians in Jerusalem. The authors critical analysis shows that the God had intention to make Jerusalem a great city and to do this; he had to destroy the city to clean it by doing away with individuals who did not obey him.

The first evidence that the author uses is the fact that the capture of Jerusalem was considered a great victory as per most historians that the authors use as evidence. The author talks of Raymond of Aguilers, Norman from South Italy and Peter Tudebode as some of the most individuals who witnessed the carnage at Jerusalem. In this, the author has sufficient evidence to back up his argument based on the thesis. In addition to this, the Catholic Pope described the war fought in Jerusalem in another way and not as a war fought to bring liberation to Christians. The Pope describes the concept of liberty and compares with what happens at Jerusalem to assert that Jerusalem war was purely holy war fought by radicals whose intentions were nothing but expanding their religious influences in other regions.

Based on the article, it is evidenced that the author has sufficient evidence to prove or affirm his thesis statement. By studying the behaviors of individuals who participated in the war especially their stands, it gives leeway to the readers that the war was facilitated by other forces beyond human control. The war was meant to punish the people of Jerusalem. The only missing element in this article is the fact that there are no figures for example of the extent or the number of people massacred in the carnage. This makes the article less factual or valid. However, a similar conclusion would be arrived at with the inclusion of figure evidences.

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