Education Essay Sample: Computer Science Program

Published: 2018-01-21
Education Essay Sample: Computer Science Program
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Bachelor of Science in Computer Science is a program where students specialize in computation and learn how to design computational systems. In Stanford University, students learn the fundamentals of computer science, in which they get a perspective on the interaction between computers and human beings. This is done by solving and analyzing computing problems where students understand real needs and professionally and efficiently tackle issues that involve computing problems.

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There are many pathways that a student can choose to follow on majoring in Computer Science. They vary from graduate programs, industrial and government jobs. On completion of the program, one can choose to become a computer programmer and design software which enable us to do things faster and accurately. One could also be a computer scientist, computer systems analyst and design ways of dealing with problems more efficiently. By studying computer science, one can also become a Computer and Information Systems Manager whose work is to plan activities that are related to computers in a firm. Management consultancy and software development are also career pathways that a student can choose (, 2015).

Some of the majors related to computer science include Computer Engineering (General) and Computer Software Engineering which apply concepts of mathematics, engineering and computer science to design and develop computer software. Computer forensics and information science are also related to computer science; they entail data collection and analysis and protection of information. Other related majors include electrical engineering, neuroscience, game and interactive media design.

Computer science is a good fit for me since it involves fields that am interested in. I am a person who loves anything that has to do with technology and believe that anything can be accomplished and made easier by technology. Therefore majoring in computer science will enable me to understand how computer programs are made and how to make new programs that are useful in the real world. In this way, I will make an impact in the society by designing software that aid in day to day lives be it in the health sector or other fields. I believe that with technology the world is a better place and being a part of a solution to daily problems is something that gives me satisfaction.

For one to enroll in computer science, the helpful courses in high school are AP Computer Science A, AP Calculus BC, AP Statistics, AP Chemistry, foreign language, discrete mathematics and AP Physics B or C. The computer science program provides knowledge which can be applied in areas such as engineering, medicine, and science. Therefore one will have to take courses in science, mathematics, technology in society and engineering fundamentals.

On learning more about computer science major and is requirements, I feel like this is the best choice to make since it is in line with my ambitions and what I would like to achieve in life. The career opportunities are in line with what I am interested in. I would like to pursue the major in Stanford University because it is one of the best institutions in the world. Students are involved in research, teaching and getting jobs is easy since the institution is reputable.

Application requirements consist of coalition application, official testing sent from College Board, school report including a letter of recommendation from the counselor, official transcripts, mid-year transcript, letters of recommendation from two teachers and $90 nonrefundable application fee. The total expense consists of tuition fee of approximately $13,500, document fee of $200, health service fee of $173 per quarter, housing fees of $14,107 per academic year, an estimated $1,425 to cater for buying books per year and other expenses.On average its costs about $47,000 per year to study at the Stanford University (, 2016). Despite the cost, this remains to be my university of choice.


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