Free Essay on Creativity as a Necessity

Published: 2019-10-08
Free Essay on Creativity as a Necessity
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Creativity is necessary since it helps people escape their boring daily routine work that, if left like that may be viewed as a way of enslaving one's life. Unraveling new methods and ways of creativity is a rigorous process, and as such this project will focus on discussing in detail issues related to creativity. Being an entrepreneur demands exceptional knowledge in creativity so as to continue exploiting it as a resource in the course of my responsibilities, and that forms the basis of why this topic was chosen.

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To be discussed in detail is the methods of creativity. These are methods that enhance and initiate creative actions, either business, arts or any other field of interest. They include specified techniques, and as the word itself, the created techniques that can be applied along the process. Some of the specified techniques include the need to pay more emphasize on the process of doing something rather than the objective ("Commentaries on Proven Methods for Innovation Management", 1998). This is to invoke the thought of how one can be more creative in the process, to either improve in or come up with something completely amazing. It similarly suggests that problems should be approached from different ways for best solutions. In the process of doing so, it is always essential that someone asks himself or herself, how can he or she change the process to be more creative or in a more direct way he or she has to reflect if she or he is stuck at some point because of the process he or she is using. For example, whenever someone is writing a novel, he could look at the process he is using and try to make some changes to it. If the process includes sitting down and writing an outline followed by few paragraphs, the later attempting to increase the paragraphs. One could instead of doing that, think of a different way to approach in order to improve it. For example, instead of starting with an outline, one can try writing the closing statements of each paragraphs from which he or she can work backwards construction other statements until the very first one. Doing that way can change the whole scenario and possibly result into something more creative than previously thought. Other things, even in developing business solutions can be executed in a similar way to see if there can be changes that are more effective than the one that would result by following the conventional methods of developing solutions.

Another major creative technique is to list as many ideas as possible down prior to start working on the issue of focus ("Commentaries on Proven Methods for Innovation Management", 1998). To be precise, one can list down 100 ideas within 15 minutes. The best way to get a good idea is to have a lot of ideas. Notes Linus Pauling, American author and educator. This technique works by focusing on two main tactics to bring up ones creativity. First, it calls for one to stop critiquing self-ideas. Doing so, will prevent the killing of ideas before even they evolve. It should be noted that, critiquing ideas in one major hindrance to creativity. It is suggested that one should note down about one hundred ideas within 15 minutes. The main essence of doing this is to trigger a chain reaction of ones brain, where there is no time in between to think about each idea critically and have time to critique it. Secondly, one hundred ideas may look too much. But after second reflection, and due to the fact all cant be implemented, one has to reduce them to a sizeable number. While reducing them, one is most likely to erase the most common and if that is done continuously, at the end the remaining ideas might be purely original.

Writing these idea should be done freely, without regard to spelling, grammar or any of such as looking back to rectifying that might make one judge himself or herself, a case that the technique tries to forgo entirely. One is encouraged to write as fast as he or she possibly can, while ensuring genuineness and honesty all along the process. Self-judgment tends to pay more attention to realism and facts, disregarding the idea of originality. This can limit our thinking especially when we focus on judging stuff we write down. Writing freely not only allows us to get out of the norms, but also capture thoughts that are otherwise intangible and controversially hard to comprehend. Writing freely enables one to capture all the invisible, hard-to-sense connections that plays between your subconscious and conscious brain. Without concerns about your self-critique, you are more freely to explore those thoughts, weird they might sound or look. After the whole process of writing them down, you can now look at them.

Using new tools is another commonly used technique of creativity. For example if you use Evernote to write down your ideas, stop using it and try a whiteboard. If you often youre your hand to play Sudoku, try doing by only using your mouth only. You might note the difference. Persistent use of same tools is a hindrance to creativity. Using new, different tools might just bring out a different perception to how things happen or the results they produce. For example, graphic designers who mostly use Photoshop might learn a lot by just trying a different software. Same applies to writers who use a specific pen, trying another pen will just bring out something previously not in their possession and that will likely result to creativity. Trying different tools gives one a perfect opportunity to see and learn how different tools can impact his or her tools. Take for example trying to draw a portrait with a very large marker pen, initially it might look horrible but as the process goes on the drawer might just discover something quite amazing, or something not anticipated at the start of the whole process. At the end, he or she is likely to have come up with a completely original staff never thought of before.

Creating some form of crap, like using new tools that possibly gives you an unanticipated product is also a technique that can result to some original ideas, products, or results. Perfectionism can prevent anyone from doing what he or she would otherwise do (O'brien, 2008). Starting from a point of little or no knowledge and slowly building up to perfection is one way to enhance your creativity. The daunting fear of failure more often prevents us from pursuing creative ideas. In a number of times, one can sit down to write something say a blog, and in as he or she thinks about it, he or she sees it as rather crap and as such stops before even touching the keyboard or even noting anything on paper. That scenario kills the possibly earlier burning desire to write something. To avoid that, one must understand and appreciate the need to write what can be considered crap. By doing so, he opens infinite possibilities of along the way, coming up with awesomely creative ideas that can be so original that could be thought. Thus, for creativity is important to ignore the desire to make something perfect and instead work off from the point where you are, and then whatever the result, it can keep on being improved and its then one can realize perfection wasnt far off.

In a similar manner, faking things can do wonders to creativity. There are a lot that we dont know, but start at some point and assuming you know precisely what you are doing and working on it progressively can do wonders. This technique is almost similar to the above discussed technique, where you just write crap. By forgoing the fear of developing something perfect, we can manage to get into the work and develop something creative that might end up being what was exactly anticipated, or even something completely interesting.

And lastly, one has to have some constraints to whatever he or she is doing as a technique of creativity. You might be working on some constraints, but you need to put many more in place. Like the technique of using new tools, when new constraints are added to the work one is doing, the person is more likely to explore several ways, even the unthinkable one to come with the solution. Doing so opens one to several ways previously un-thought of, and that forms the basis of creativity at every level. It is an art of being forced to think outside the norms, and even in the very basic environments people develop ways to respond to the constraint.

The above are not the only methods of creativity, there is a lot more others but the above one surely takes the lead. Finding methods of creativity is itself a process of creativity (O'brien, 2008), and that means each on his or her own can develop others that works best particularly considering the different environment we may find ourselves in.

Scholars and researchers have spent significant time and resources trying to put together all these methods of creativity and widely explaining them. Through anthropological research, they have tried to explain how different methods of creativity play out on different people, societies and the kind of results they happen to bring out. Brainstorming and dissociation is todays leading techniques of generating creative ideas, and after the rigorous process of generating them, the same techniques are used to winnow the worst from the best.

Generally, this project pays special attention to creativity and systematic innovation methods as I have highlighted above. But doesnt stop there, it gives a thorough analysis of particularly the techniques that researchers and other scholars have used to explain them. One technique that has been used is the Kano Model which is a product development model that measures the level of customer satisfaction and goes ahead to classifies customer preferences in a business environment. Other scholarly parameters that tries to explain methods of creativity include parameter analysis, decomposition, De Bonos six hats among many others. In the following context each has been examined together with its relation to creativity and how they play out in business environments to influence particularly the level of customer satisfaction.

The paper, in its immediate context dwells deeply into the literature review of different methods of thinking that results to creativity, designs a research study and discusses the findings extensively. Therefore, he paper is worth going through to get precisely the diverse issues underlying creativity and systematic methods of innovation.

Module 2: Literature Review and Annotated Bibliography.

Part I: Literature Review

Dissociative Thinking implies that creativity is necessary and helps people escape stagnation and routine that people are a slave to in their lives. People are so routine they have a hard time understanding the true concept of creativity as a theory. For a person to be creative, it is necessary to break familiar and comfortable habits. Learned behavior is based on two aspects; genetics and experience. The dissociative thinking theory was developed by Koestler in the 60s and can be used to teach different thought processes therefor; can affect an individuals behavior that drives the process of thought to develop a new method of not only thinking, but also ultimately, behavior (Koestler, 1964).

Another way to teach a different way of thinking is by using an associative method as in the six thinking hats. This is a theory brought about by De Bono, who suggests a different color hat represents a different way of thinking which will then propel a new thought pattern. De Bono classifies his hats in the following way; the black hat represents an approach to thinking that is a little more negative and revolves around a devils advocate approach. His hat is useful to look at the least desirable effects of ones actions. The blue hat is more...

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