Sport Essay Example: Cricket Versus Baseball

Published: 2019-12-13 13:17:12
Sport Essay Example: Cricket Versus Baseball
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Cricket and baseball are popular members of bat and ball family of games. Even if the principles of the games are similar, they differ in playing equipment, terminology, field size, rules, and the number of players. The two games need advanced skill in unique and different ways. Cricket originated in the 16th century in South East England although it became popular in the 18th century (Ferris, 2016). Researchers argue that baseball developed from the earlier folk games. Baseball is believed to have taken shape in 1861 which was during the civil war (Beharry, 2016).

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The similarities between the two sports include the fact that they are both members of bat and ball family. Additionally, they have the same method of playing which is catching, throwing, and striking the ball. Crickets bat is flat while that of baseball is round (Sentance, 2006). Furthermore, both the individuals acting as batters defend specific areas which are located behind them. In both the two sports, the aim is to score runs, and they are not timed. In fields and outfields exist in both the two sports and they are unique because the offense does not exist in possession of the ball. Cricket and baseball have a player responsible for throwing a ball overhand in the direction of the batter (Beharry, 2016). In both cricket and baseball, the fielding is similar since the player tries to catch the ball and throw it to a set of wickets or a base.

The differences between the two sports include the playing field. The fields used by the two games are different. In the cricket field, there is no foul territory and its shape is oval. On the other hand, baseball has a foul territory with a diamond shape. Furthermore, the field of cricket has wickets, two bases, and they are 66 feet apart (Sentance, 2006). Two cricket players run forth and back with the aim of scoring the runs and the players can even score six runs in one hit. Conversely, the baseball field is around 60 feet. The terminologies used in the two games also differ in that the player delivering the ball to commence is referred to as a bowler and a pitcher in cricket and baseball respectively (Majumdar & Brown, 2007). The player in charge of striking the ball is also referred to as a batter in baseball and a batsman in cricket.

The bat is an essential equipment to consider when comparing the two games. The bats for cricket are wide, and they have a big hitting area as compared to baseball (McIntosh & Janda, 2003). The reason behind the difference is that the tactics of cricket are different. Additionally, in cricket one has 360 degrees to work with and this offers the chance of smashing the ball as far as possible (Sentance, 2006). On the other hand, the bat of baseball is well suited to wing the ball hard at a particular area. Thus, a cricket ball is more versatile while that of baseball is less versatile. The maximum number of runs that should be scored by baseball and cricket is four and six respectively. Runs system is used in scoring for the two games (Majumdar & Brown, 2007). The players of one team try to score the runs by hitting the ball. Regarding the number of umpires, cricket has two two umpires in the field, 1 out of the field, and one match referee while baseball has four umpires in the main leagues.

The baseball ball is made of rubber, cork or a mixture of the two. However, the combination of cricket is cork and string which is covered with leather. Baseball ball should not be under 5 ounces or above five ounces while the one for cricket should be between 5.5 to 5.75 ounces. The circumference of cricket should be between 8 13/16 to 9 inches while the one for baseball should be between 9 to 9.25 inches (Majumdar & Brown, 2007). The total number of players in baseball should be from 9 to 10 depending on the rules of the league. On the other hand, cricket consists of 11 players (Ferris, 2016). The protection which is used in the two games indicate rules regarding them. A batsman playing cricket puts on a more protective gear since might hit him in any place and there is no penalty for the bowler. On the other hand, a baseball batter uses a gear that is less protective because the ball rarely hits the body. In baseball, the pitchers are penalized when they hit the battler. Some of the protective gear used in cricket include helmet, padding, and pads while the ones used in baseball include plastic headgear, padding, and gloves (McIntosh & Janda, 2003).

Cricket is played in different ways which range from 20 overs of the six balls to 5 days having 90 overs each (Sentance, 2006). Unfortunately, in baseball, there are no time restriction and the ones which exist are inning based. Baseball is considered the most common game globally (McIntosh & Janda, 2003). Cricket is also becoming popular in most of the place. Baseball is played in approximately 117 nations while cricket is played in about 104 countries. Additionally, the people playing baseball earn higher as compared to the ones playing cricket.


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