Essay Example on Gender and Sexuality: Beyond He or She

Published: 2022-12-09
Essay Example on Gender and Sexuality: Beyond He or She
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The issue of gender ignites various reactions from different people across the world. Gender concern sparks across the world with few individuals crippled in the dilemma of their self-actualization in matters of gender identification. The widely dominant male or female has been accompanied with the straight and gay with the society acknowledging the diverse gender identity realized by various people across the world. The rise of the transgender and the dominant queer has been added to the LGBT advocacy. The different views on gender issues has sparked vast discussions and led to rise of advocacy bodies. The reality behind the gender of some people is illuminated uncertain as some cannot particularly identify themselves with a specific gender. High number of millennials have ignited the rise of the question behind the male and female identity. Identity such as gay, transgender, gender fluid, and bisexual are commonly used in the American society in addition to the male and female identification. The much interest in sexuality and gender issues is evident in the national motions with discussions on the identification of an extra gender in addition to the commonly identified male and female. Some people claim to be aromantic, two-sprit, asexual and genderqueer which shone a ray of uncertainty on their actual gender and sexuality.

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Conflicts has risen in institutions such as schools with regards to recognition of the gender and sexuality. According to Steinmetz (2017), many transgender individual fight for equal rights in the society as accorded to men and women. The need to feel recognized with an identity which impact on a static feeling just like any other person. According to Steinmetz (2017), the bisexual and transgender, gay and genderqueer believe that it would be different if they were accorded their gender at birth rather than the male and female identity which they tend to struggle to shed off over time. However, according to the views of some teenagers, the matter of sexuality changes over time. One may feel attached to something new or change the perspective over time in their lives. Therefore, this disregards the notion that some are completely gay, lesbian or bisexual.

Gender fluid is commonly used among those people who don't identify with any particular gender. The choice of the pronoun to use is challenging since they can't identify with either with men or women. With regards to sexual attraction, youths in the US point in the middle with a third of the youths citing to be either 100% heterosexual or 100% homosexual. Some states are embracing the idea of some individuals not abiding by any gender. For instance, California introduced a bill which allows for the addition of third gender on official identification documents such as birth certificates and driver's license, which include male, female and non-binary. Debates on bathroom bills are flashing out in politicians highlighting the coverage of gender identity and sexual orientation in bans on sex discrimination.

The diverse opinions on gender identity and sexual orientation exhibited between millennials and boomers indicate the different perception of sexual orientation and gender identity. The older Americans indicate unsatisfaction with the individuals who disregard the traditional ideas on sexuality and gender identity. Some individuals tend to hide their sexuality and gender identity due to the society attitude. Some hide from the family members while other hold on longer until they are in college to illuminate their sexualities and gender. Millennials are twice to have a bisexual, queer or questioning or asexual in their circle compared to boomers. However, over time, social media has boosted the identity and acceptance in the uncertainty in gender and sexuality issues.


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