Essay Example on Women and Gender Studies

Published: 2023-02-15
Essay Example on Women and Gender Studies
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Gender studies is an area of social science that gets aimed at creating a better understanding of the various concepts of our human sexuality. By learning gender studies, one can comprehend the many differences between the two genders and the specific roles played by each. As a result, this contributes to social harmony and better interpersonal interactions. The following responses have gotten based on readings related to women and gender studies, and the reader's take.

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In chapter 11 of "Gendered Voices" by David Graddol, the author questions the implications of the language we speak concerning a sexist culture (David, 13). David, he speculates that the language spoken by an individual plays an essential role in influencing their gender interactive experiences. Well-developed words are better equipped in gender neutrality balancing.

Turley and Fisher's "What it feels like to be on Welfare focuses on the various trials and tribulations that different individuals experience in their attempt to sustain themselves in the harshest of conditions (Norman and Daniels, 19-192). This comes from the narrative of the persona in the story and the abandonment that they received from their parents. This is an instance of gender role neglect and the effects of which are experienced by the very next members of society. Turley and Fisher advocate for the cultivation of a social responsibility sense in the genders where every individual attention to their obligations.

In chapter 12, David Graddol, in his book "Gender Voices," focuses on the role that religion plays in the lives o either gender. He finds out that religion is an integral feature of women's lives and plays a keen role in influencing their decision-making aspects as compared to men (Graddol, 23). Some women, however, feel different as they view some areas of religion as oppressive and harsh towards women.

In Brown's "Fundamentalism and the Control of Women," he tries to shift his focus on trying to understand the various ways in which women have gotten deprived of some of their rights. The author observes that, for a long time, women have been secluded of held back for taking part in some activities which they could have equally contributed in as their male counterparts (Karen McCarthy, 13). Brown, therefore, says that women have fought and struggled a lot to reach their current status in the social sphere.

In "Living a Feminist Life" by, Sarah Ahmed, she views being a female as subjection to constant pressure by various people that surround us. She considers society as a dictatorial regime that doesn't leave women the choice to decide on what they think is best for them (Aalya, 1-4). Instead, even the most basic decisions are somehow interfered with by the harsh social regime. As a feminist, she challenges other women also to take part in the struggle for a better representation as well as striking a balance in the sex equality crisis.

"What Determines How Americans Perceive Their Social Class?" by Robert Bird, and Frank Newport " is another gender study-related reading that tries to shed light on the social perceptions of gender. According to Bird and Frank, the authors have found out that despite a vast majority of the individuals using the term "middle class," few fully understand the true meaning of the word. Concerning gender studies, Frank and Bird find social classism similar to gender-related intuitions (Robert, and Newport, 20-21). According to research, it has gotten identified that no individual likes getting classified in either of the classes.

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