Essay Outline Example on Human Sexuality

Published: 2022-07-18
Essay Outline Example on Human Sexuality
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i. Hook: Setting an attention seeker who is an anecdote that makes the reader keep reading the pierce.

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ii. Argumentative Question: Does family esteems and desires to shape the thoughts of love, sex, sexuality.

iii. Background information: Make a literal analysis of Christine's masterpiece on loving in the war years and provide sufficient data love, gender, sex, sexuality and the influence of family on the formation of identities.

iv. Thesis: Loving in the war Years masterpiece provides grounds for arguing that family pressures on the issues concerning love, sex, and sexuality offer a remarkable impact on the possibility of heterosexuality and homosexuality as the primary way of determining the identity of children.

II. Body

a. Claim 1: Family pressures influence the choice of an individual on the way of showing love, identifying their sexual orientation and enhancing sexual orientations.

i. Evidence 1a: According to the literal analysis of Christine's masterpiece on loving in the war years, the family influences an individual's identity of sexuality, love, and sex.

ii. Evidence 1 b: In the video, Yolanda is taken as the main character who confirms that family expectations determine the identity of an individual concerning love, sex, and sexuality.

iii. Evidence 1c: Focus on loving in the war years, a Cherry Moraga's to prove that love, sex, gender, and sexuality are influenced by family culture.

III. Development of Argument:

i. Family influence determines the way an individual views on love, sex, gender, and sexuality.

ii. Secondary Source 1: Christine (84) outlines that family pressures on the kind of people that their children should associate with results into changes in the heterosexual activities and love matters.

iii. Secondary source 2: Espin (84) plots that most families convincing explanations behind forbearance from sexual favors contribute a ton to the confound of sex, sexuality, and sex jobs.

IV. Conclusion:

i. Restating the papers' thesis statement.

ii. Make a summation of the ideas

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