Essay Sample on Cecil Rhodes and Theodore Roosevelt

Published: 2024-01-01
Essay Sample on Cecil Rhodes and Theodore Roosevelt
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Cecil Rhodes and Theodore Roosevelt have different ideas on how their nations, Great Britain and the United States, would influence other countries to bring world peace. They believe the world would be a better place with their nations' influence over other nations in the world. Rhodes also believed in the use of military force to bring global peace. The ideas seemed to be contradicting since you cannot use war to end the war because the citizens will be greatly affected (Eraso, 2020). Cecil Rhodes also believed that his race was more superior to the others, and his nation taking over other nations would lead to worldwide peace and prosperity.

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Cecil Rhodes

Cecil Rhodes strongly believes in his nation, which is Great Britain, and he argues that bringing his nation and the United States to rule over other nations would avoid future conflicts and wars. In my opinion, I believe that all human races are equal, and no one is superior to the other one. Peace cannot be achieved by forcing men and women into wars since they will lose a lot, including their loved ones, property, or even their own lives. The idea of using military force to bring peace cannot work; rather, it will bring more chaos and conflicts in the world. For peace to prevail, one should be ready to compromise, of which, according to Rhodes, that was not his idea (Eraso, 2020).

Cecil Rhodes believes that the world would be a better place on the influence of their nations Great Britain and the United States, but in reality, it would be in chaos where the world would be divided, full of racism where the poor people would be oppressed and discriminated not even allowed to exercise their rights (Eraso, 2020). I also believe that freedom and liberty are when full democratic values are exercised and not imposed. In my opinion, a nation ruling over other nations will lead to war, which leads to mass killings of the people, forced labor, and eventually leading to a nation where peace does not prevail.

United States

A country with power like the United States should allow its citizens to exercise their rights and freedoms and have channels on how they can appropriately approach pandemics like wars in a civil manner and not using military force. According to Roosevelt, he believes in true freedom and liberty and supports other people's rights as if it was his own or owns the country's citizens. I believe it is through supporting people's rights and freedoms that we can achieve global peace and ensure that even those who are vulnerable are not oppressed (Eraso, 2020).

I also believe the United States should ensure a peaceful relationship with each other nation, and military force should apply when necessary. It should recognize and perform its duties to other nations in an orderly and peaceful manner to avoid other nations' conflicts. In my opinion, Theodore Roosevelt was more aware of his nation's responsibility in keeping world peace, whereby he said usage of the military when necessary. I believe people go to war to fight for their rights and freedom, but there is so much that is lost and hence a powerful nation at the end of it all. For example, the United Nations should always discourage its citizens from going to war and address its citizen's issues using the right channels to maintain peace.


The greatest thing a country can enjoy most is being at peace among its citizens and other nations, working together, and supporting each other. World peace, security, justice, and prosperity should be the main goal that every nation sets to achieve at the end of the day. The human race should be respected and allowed to exercise their rights and responsibilities.


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