Essay Sample on the Future of the Internet

Published: 2023-02-28
Essay Sample on the Future of the Internet
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The Internet is one of the most celebrated inventions in history because of the many benefits that it has brought to humanity as a whole. Internet is used globally, and it is an invention utilized by every person in all phases of life - Internet changes every day with constant inventions coming up and creations that take the Internet by a storm. The Internet formally was created for search activities where people would easily access any information that they needed at any time and place. Various features and software than came in as the demand for various services and activities took a shift for the better. (Ahmed, S. H., & Rani, S. 2018).

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Internet perfected the art of information search as many, and many people spend almost the whole day on the Internet trying to tool for new information or make updates of current trends in the world. The article will thus look into the history of the in Internet, take a look at the daily functionality of the Internet in our daily lives, examine both the positive and negative developments in the Internet's future, an analysis of the technology that exists currently and how it makes the Internet become possible, the type of technology that should be developed to make the search engine of the future better, the role of the government in today's technology and lastly out contribution as users in the development and progress of the Internet (Assange, J., Appelbaum, J., Muller-Maguhn, A., & Zimmermann, J. 2016). .

History of the Internet

With such an expansive and complex search machine that has revolutionized the world, it is true not to give credit to a single person for its existence. It was an invention that took the hand of a dozen pioneering programmers, scientists, and also engineers who together created new technologies and features that later merged to be the "informed superhighway" as known currently. Long before the invention of the Internet, several scientists had already anticipated the existence of an equally worldwide network that would be a global connects for information. In the early 1900s, one Nikola Tesla once joked of the analogy of the existence of a "world wireless system". Visionary thinkers like Vannevar Bush and Paul Otlet subsequently conceived the idea of mechanization and a searchable storage system of texts and books and the media in 1930s and 1940s that would be enacted as a global searchable system.

Practical schematics for the Internet would later become a thing of reality when MIT's J.C.R Licklider in the early 1960s made popular the ideology of an intergalactic Network of system software. It was shortly after when computer scientists created the system of packet switching a system that effectively transmitted electronic information that later became on big building blocks of what we have today as the Internet. The first applicable prototype came in the late 1960s, with the creation of ARPANET or better referred to as the Advanced Research Projects Agency Network. The US army fully funded the project, and it applied the Packet switching to enable many computers to exchange information in one network. The technology then grew until in 1990 when the online world took a significant twist when Tim Berners-Lee invented the World Wide Web. It was a means to access data online in a system of hyperlinks and websites. The web has since helped to popularize the Internet among the people and has since served as an essential step in the development of the massive trove of data that many of us have access to daily.

How the Internet Functions in Our Society Today

The internet functions today in our daily lives as the leading medium for communication. The Internet was created to be the greatest and a comprehensive system with unlimited data and means of communication through Email, and the various social media application software has since become a revolutionary factor today. The Internet houses an unlimited array of any information and exchange of information, which has enabled this giant innovation to grow by every day (Lindqvist, U., & Neumann, P. G. 2017).

Positive Developments in the Internet’s Future

Some of the positive development in the Internet's future is that there will be a wide array of awareness of the world and how we behave, this means that with the development of inventions such as artificial intelligence, there won't be any limitation to awareness. It will able possible to access how one spends their time and their commitment to their families or hobbies (Mishra, D., Gunasekaran, A., Childe, S. J., Papadopoulos, T., Dubey, R., & Wamba, S. 2016).

Also, because of the emergence of wearing devices, there will be a great transformation in healthcare delivery. These wearable devices will give us timely detection whenever there's a risk for disease. It will help one make lifestyle changes that best suits their preference at any time.

Negative Developments in the Internet’s Future

A possible negative effect of the development of the Internet in the future will be the government losing control because the Internet will enable people to become aware of all disparities in accessing health care, water, and education, among others. This will expose the cost of manipulative government. The emergence of an uprising such as the Arab Spring will make it difficult for the government to control.

The technology that makes the Internet possible is referred to as the "Internet of things" which is an interrelated system of computing services, digital machines and mechanical, animals, objects or people aligned with Unique identifiers and enabled to exchange data overran Internet without fear of any human to human or human to computer interacting.

The technology that needs to be changed is the "Internet of Things system," which is the basic house of the Internet. Being the backbone of the Internet, the only means to impact and change the future of the Internet would be to change the Internet of Things like the basic element of the Internet.

Government’s Role on the Internet Today and in the Future

The government's role today and in the future is encompassed in the regulation and creation of policies that will ensure that internet users use it for positive purposes and the good of the general public. With the rise of cybersecurity and security breach, the government has the first mandate to ensure that the Internet is fully regulated and policies are put into place to restrict any form of cyberbullying of any kind.

My role in the developing and progressing the Internet is majorly on the consumption of the service and making sure that I don't make any breach of someone's else privacy as that can be labeled as cybersecurity. As a citizen adhering to the laid down regulations by the government on the usage of the Internet would be a priority.


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