Free Essay: Existence of an American Identity that Was Separate and Distinct from England

Published: 2022-06-01
Free Essay: Existence of an American Identity that Was Separate and Distinct from England
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The study of Anglicizing America sets back the hands of time, into a historical study of early America. Moreover, the theoretical approach examines the steps taken by the English colonies; thus, the British and America and elaborates on the diverse start of functioning as a unit in sections such as the political realm, culture, traditional norms, judicial platforms, economy, religious approach, and communication with the empires. With the fact that Americas shared much in common, the arrival of the English voyages altered the social, economic, and political turmoil. During the 17th and 18th centuries much changed in America. First, with the debate on the role of a woman in the community, terming the feminine gender as powerful but treacherous, the British believed that women were subordinates both at home and governmental leadership.

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It was for the same reason that the political system of the British lacked feminine representation and the men were superior to women. Having understood the different the identity of America changed in that the country established a democratic government structured from democratic principles that enhanced liberty. With the ideology of freedom, the government gave the feminine population a voice that enabled them to get involved with decisions to shape the political, social, and economic realms of a new America identity. The difference in the shaping of the democratic political realm, America did not accept the loyalism practice of the British. To elaborate, between 1558 and 1570, the Protestant defenders protected Queen Elizabeth 1 from the misogynist. The ideal reason for the protection was the element of loyalism and with the fact she was religiously referred to as the half-sister of Catholic Mary, she was the only one to have the last say in situations that involved England.

The British colonists established an intense recognition of the American identity towards the mid-16th century. With the fact that Virginia was the first state to be colonized by the British, it was ideal that the agricultural capabilities of the land enabled it export tobacco. With the fact that most of the landowners in Virginia were on the brim of abolishing slave trade or workforce since by this time the State had evolved and established servant workforce rather than slave-workforce. Bearing that in mind, there were minimal incidences of slavery since most of the slaves were free and to some extent owned land. There was minimal tobacco scale farming practice in the region. After the war, the British enhanced corruptive ways of acquiring land; thus, it was started with the idea and facts that tobacco grown in Virginia had a profitable market share in England and in case a British was to relocate to America, own a property of land and possess slaves, the profitability of the individual would be much greater than the tobacco farmers in England.

Having elaborated that, it is ideal to embrace the fact that the British bought land and to some extent grabbed it and later forced the small-scale farmers into servants in the farms and with minimal remorse they became slaves. With the availability of the resources, tobacco became an economic source for Virginia and it is, for this reason, that with them to earn more, the British ventured into the lands of the Indians and savagely claimed their land. It is for the above reasons that with the Americans trying to abolish slavery and create a new identity, the British imposed slavery and savagely claimed the lands of the Indians.

When the English colonist first arrived at the Powhatan, the occupants/Indians were intrigued by their technology since their weapons were more advanced than theirs. In order not to be attacked and killed the Indian allied with the English to understand how the machinery could work. Thus, the main aim allying with the colonist was to help them gain the advantage by learning how the weapons worked and turn it to their advantage. With the fact that Americans had various levels of mistrust especially the visits to the European ships. With the fact that the Indians had a plan of containing the new English arrivals, the American resistance had started to grow because of the colonialists' interest. Many of these nations demanded loyalism; thus, faithfulness and total obedience to Crown and Great Britain.

With the fact that most of the colonialist had favored the American identity by then, it was hard for the unifying element/Continental Congress to support Britain because it would cause an economic turmoil. With that in mind, there was war were division and support of the Americans and British divided the colonialists' loyalism. Bearing that in mind the American rebels fought side by side with some of the colonists, while on the other hand, the British fought side by side with a fraction of the colonist. Some of the colonists did not aid most of the Patriots and others helped the British. It was for the above war that some of the loyalists survived economically since they made clothes and footwear and sold them to the soldiers.

How The Americans Shaped British Colonization In North America

During the late 17th and 18th centuries Britain, France, and Spain had total control over the lands in North America. Spain and France controlled Florida and the northern and central regions respectively. On the other hand, Great Britain was in charge of the eastern lands. With the fact, these nations understood boundary allocation and respect for peace and harmony, the three-nation expected to exist with no quarrels within the region of Northern America since in case of any dispute there only solution was war. At the same time, the powerful European countries were already at war to determine who controls the richest territories of the world. There were numerous wars the later constituted to the French and Indian war. The French and Indian war was a determinant struggle to get to know between France and Britain who was more powerful to lead and rule North America. With the fact that both countries had colonists, and during the war colonists and loyalists fought by the side of the country they deemed fit to rule North America.

Conflict over territorial land was the cause of the war. The history marked the French explores as the first to settle in Northern America. They were the first Europeans to settle along and around the Great Lakes and the Mississippi rivers. Their main strategy of settling was through trade and the first explores established trading center around their settlement regions. The British though were not the first settlers but they claimed the same lands the French explorers settled on. With the fact that the King had the moral power to allocate land to British political powers, they believed that it stretched from the east to the west. And being that the British arrived in huge numbers the eastern side of North America was overcrowded and settlers moved to the western regions. This brought about the destruction of the Indian hunting grounds; thus, causing lots of tension since the Indians were afraid to lose their property.

With the fact that Indian tribes lived in small communities and were not united they lacked enough strategy and human power to resist the British from moving into the western side of North America. It was due to lack of unity that the Indians helped both sides; thus, some sided with the British while other with the French. To this extent, the French explorers had established themselves as a new French town within the border of North America. The New France geographical location is currently within the borders of Canada. With the fact that French territories lacked the ideal purpose to practice liberty, all the colonies were under the Roman Catholic Church religious beliefs. At the same time, French explorers who were not Catholics settled within the British territories. In addition to the conflict between France and Britain, was the element on the high payments the Indians received for the animal far trade. It was obvious that the French were more interested in the trade; thus, they considered the trade more important than settling.

With the fact that the French constructed one of their centers at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and it was named Fort Duquesne. By then the British colonies believed and claimed that the site was within the boundaries of Virginia and therefore the French had no control over the land since it was in their territory. In 1754, the Virginia governor sent gave the French settlers at the center a directive to leave. The French refused to leave the center and so did the colonist attempted to force them out of the Fort Duquesne. With the raid on the fort and death often French men, the French and Indian began. The British troops under the leadership of General Edward Braddock joined George Washington at the Fort. With the arrival of the troops, the General expected war, but the French and Indians hid in the woods evading the war norms of battling in an open field. The French and the Indians fought through the disguise and shielding in the trees.

The French and Indians attacked the British soldiers in a manner that did not raise concern to their locations. The most impressive techniques used were the fact that the clothing they wore made them impossible to visualize. The battlefield of the war was along the two lakes, Lake George and Lake Champlain. The two water sources were ideal to move the French troops and at the same time provide better supplies for the soldiers. The fight continued until the British became victorious and later the French contracted a center to control the regions of Lake Champlain. The French retaliated by sending General Marquis de Montcalm, to America. He and his troops conquered Fort William Henry forcing the British General to surrender. With the plea of fair treatment if the British soldiers surrendered, and the Indians was not a part of the agreement the community decided to kill the British soldiers. Many lives were lost, but the war was not over since year after year the French and the British fought. In conclusion, the rivalry between France and Britain affected the development of the British in North America


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