Free Essay Describing the Impact of the Internet on Society

Published: 2022-05-20
Free Essay Describing the Impact of the Internet on Society
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The evolution of wireless communication in the twenty-first century has changed the way every individual is connected to one another in the society. Ideally, the internet provides a platform upon which all people encompassing friends, family members, and coworkers are connected irrespective of the efficiency and the price of the technological gadget used. Society feels the impact of the internet in different ways and on the basis of various philosophical standpoints. In this regard, some view the impact of the internet on the society as a media platform that promotes the culture of individualism, alienation, and withdrawal from the society. Conversely, some class of individuals in the society considers the advent of the internet as a technological transformation that has improved sociability in the society. In this connection, different cultures, social relationships, and all sorts of family engagement are strongly built by the interaction through the internet.

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The current society is perceived to function through a broad network of internet connection that promotes the culture of a "me-centered society" in which different forms of business engagement, family connections, and all sorts of work-related issues are solved remotely through the internet. Precisely, people do not need to engage physically in a bid to solve personal issues or execute any kind of business transactions. In this context, costs that could have incurred in the process of physical business engagement is contained through the explosion of internet technology. In as much as some group of individuals could launch a complaint in the society that the advancement of the internet has alienation and withdrawal from the social platform, it would be imperative to note that getting connected to any close member in the family, business partner or just coworkers depend on an individual's interest, values and the credibility of the projects that would heighten the relationship between individuals.

Therefore, the internet has established a firm foundation that connects people and changes their sociocultural behaviors. On the same note, with an increased development in popular culture and intercultural communication, the internet provides idealistic avenues for social interaction between groups of people with different culture and social background. Internet establishes a common ground for learning diverse cultures and appreciating the social values of different groups of people across the globe. However, the amount of time spent on the internet whether an individual is home or at work has increased by a significant margin over the years. A significant percentage of the human population spends a lot of time on the social networking sites and on a series of social network platforms. In view of this technological development, most businesses and companies have taken their advertising modalities on the internet. The social media platform is an excellent place where most managers and company leaders have the audacity to sell their services and products they deliver.

The internet is also perceived to have come with negative influence with regards to changing the social behavior of the youths in the society. The institution of issues related to pornography that is perceived as a disrespect to the social norms has gained popularity through the internet. Most youths across the globe, not only the developed nations, but also in the third world countries, are currently engaging in different acts of pornography related behaviors. The most affected population is the teenagers in the developed countries and the developing nations. Thus, the internet provides a social platform in which nasty human behaviors could be easily accessed through the internet. Series of acts of violence are simply accessed through the tap of a button, and this is the major reason where there exist several disagreements and conflicts between cultures within the global domain. In this connection, the fundamental concern as to by most nations and communities across the globe cannot afford to live in peace is through the increased access and encounter of intercultural differences over the internet.

The perspective of popular culture and the social value of intercultural communications has managed to gain dominance in the public domain simply because of the explosion of the internet. For instance, the culture of the hip-hop songs and the rap music has been able to traverse the worldwide economy through the based on the strong foundation of networking platform initiated by the internet. A significant percentage of the young adult population all over the world has been drawn into the enthusiasm that comes with the culture of the rap music. The teenagers and all sorts of the youth in the third world countries identify themselves with the popular culture of the of the westerners and this is only made possible through the internet where they have the advantage of viewing and embracing the traditions and customs of America's popular culture. Besides, the ideology of intercultural communication is popularized in the social platforms simply through the internet. The nationals of the developing countries, particularly the third world countries emulate the lifestyle of the people in the highly developed nations. On the same note, the internet provides a framework upon which religion could be marketed across the globe through the application of the social network technology.

Statistically, a majority of professionals in most modern companies take a lot of time on Facebook cites either advertising the kind of professional intellect, they deliver or just reaching out to potential clients of the company. In this connection, the advent of the internet has popularized the ideology of virtual life than the real physical life that the humanity is well acquainted with since the dawn of time. The fact that the performance of most companies is attributed to an increased web presence and the degree in which the company dominates the internet. Hence, most companies have considered the installation of a more developed network infrastructure that is comprised of cloud computing and virtualization in a bid to register an excellent economic performance. In addition, the modern companies embrace the ideology of establishing a highly secure and a more developed website to gain dominance in the web presence. All such technological advancement is founded on the institution and the evolution of the internet technology.

Social networking businesses highly enjoy the benefits that come with the explosion of wireless communication in the business marketplace. In this context, every company and any developing or upcoming potential business have all the intention to pay spaces in the social networking sites with a major intention of reaching out to a significant number or percentage of their targeted clients. It is also interesting to note that the advent of the internet has made significant changes in the social and political arena. The kind of social engagement or communication that takes place in the current society is highly affected by the evolution of the internet. In this regard, the ill-fated sociopolitical practices have been amicably reduced since every political figure has over his/her shoulder before making a comment that would either abuse the fundamental rights of other individuals in the society. Fundamentally, the nature and the technique of flow of messages has drastically changed since the institution of the internet technology. The information no longer flows from a few individuals to many, as it used to be in the past, but flow from many to many simply because of the existence of internet technology.

The internet has also revolutionized the education system across the globe. In this case, the education system offered in most nations is systematically organized and the knowledge can be easily acquired through the internet. The internet sets the platform upon which research can be conducted at a minimum cost possible. The education system has been able to provide an online library that could be easily accessed by students even through their phones. In this connection, the institution of the internet technology has influenced the time taken in the physical library by the students and the professors. A large amount of data and information can be accessed through the internet, and the amount of money spent in purchasing research material is highly harmonized since students can use the network infrastructure installed by the institution to carry out their research related obligations. Consequently, the amount of money spent by most institutions and research centers all over the world has been drastically reduced through the establishment of the internet. Most of the research work currently depends on the more developed internet-based technology as opposed to spending time and resources making online purchases of books and research materials.

The internet provides a foundation upon which most students can manage to acquire education without having to travel several miles in a bid to get the intellect. Most learning institutions, particularly the universities and colleges in the developed nations have established an online program in which students can be enrolled and awarded a degree, masters and doctorate programs without having to physically present themselves. On the same note, the registration of online courses in most institutions is made easy through the advent of the internet. Students do not need to make long queues as it used to be in the past, but only need an internet connection to manage the entire process. This kind of virtual technology is not only applied to most profound academic institutions and research centers in the developed nations but also two series of developing nations in the third world countries. In view of the most recent statistical figures, it is imperative to note that most youths all over the world have managed to attain higher education simply because of the institution of the internet technology.

Students to do not really need to physically sit in class in a bid to obtain the quality education. The internet provides an opportunity for the application of video conferencing and teleworking to contain the rising challenges that come with the remote learning process. Consequently, video conferring enables students to engage with teachers on an online platform where information could be shared on a real-time basis. In addition, the internet provides the job opportunities common ground in which in most competent students could be awarded the opportunity to express their intellectual capability within the online marketplace. Ideally, most companies consider offering employment opportunities to qualified candidates through the internet. An employee does not need to physically walk to the workplace to perform his/her assigned professional obligations, but can perform his/her intellectual best from the comfort zone of their homes.

In conclusion, is as much as the advent of the internet has caused some harms in the society on the basis of negatively influencing the behavior of most youths in the society, the benefits that come with the technology of the internet are numerous. People are able to freely communicate from remote locations simply because of the existence of the internet. On the same note, most businesses are able to operate from different locations across the globe through the application of the internet. Hence, the impact of the internet on society needs to be highly appreciated since it sensitizes on the promotion and the incorporation of the culture of sustainability in business.

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